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  1. Photo of Edwin

    Edwin Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Daud Sumolang

    Daud Sumolang Screenplay

  3. Photo of Titien Wattimena

    Titien Wattimena Screenplay

  4. Photo of Ladya Cheryl

    Ladya Cheryl Cast

  5. Photo of Adjie Nur Ahmad

    Adjie Nur Ahmad Cast

  6. Photo of Klarysa Aurelia Raditya

    Klarysa Aurelia Raditya Cast

  7. Photo of Abizars

    Abizars Cast

  8. Photo of Iwan Gunawan

    Iwan Gunawan Cast

  9. Photo of Nitta Nazyra C. Noer

    Nitta Nazyra C. Noer Cast

  10. Photo of Heidy Trisiana Triswan

    Heidy Trisiana Triswan Cast

  11. Photo of Nicholas Saputra

    Nicholas Saputra Cast

  12. Photo of Sidi Saleh

    Sidi Saleh Cinematography

  13. Photo of Dave Lumenta

    Dave Lumenta Music and Cast

  14. Photo of Eros Eflin

    Eros Eflin Production Design

  15. Photo of Meiske Taurisia

    Meiske Taurisia Producer

  16. Photo of Lorna Tee

    Lorna Tee Producer

  17. Photo of Thanassis Karathanos

    Thanassis Karathanos Producer

  18. Photo of Karl Baumgartner

    Karl Baumgartner Producer

  19. Photo of Herman Kumala Panca

    Herman Kumala Panca Editing

  20. Photo of Wahyu Tri Purnomo

    Wahyu Tri Purnomo Sound

  21. Photo of Aulia Yogyanti

    Aulia Yogyanti Costume Design