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  1. Xexmaín's rating of the film Primer

  2. Dalibor's rating of the film Primer

    High-tech story behind the film is sort-of alluring, once you manage to get a hold of it. Fragmented editing, however amateurishly done, pumps up the experience of losing notion of time, as you (supposedly) travel through it. Unfortunately, behind this catchy form, there is an irritatingly impenetrable wall of self-important Silicon Valley buzzwords and utterly aimless subplots.

  3. Several Giraffes's rating of the film Primer

  4. sabrina's rating of the film Primer

  5. Didar Merve's rating of the film Primer

    Boring as hell. I'd rather watch a DIY physics experiment video from an amateur Youtuber.

  6. Arthur Freitas's rating of the film Primer

    It's **so** absorbing, but it's not rewarding or moving like the excellent UPSTREAM COLOR. I can't wait any longer for a new Carruth film.

  7. Wing Narada's rating of the film Primer

  8. SeemsLikeFun's rating of the film Primer

    I love to use my STEM degree to make a movie where I'm a super genius guy. This movie is good as fuck at math, dude. It's physics as hell. When I first saw it, it freaking was a damn mindfuck! Then I went on Reddit and saw a chart explaining it, and learned science.

  9. andretz's rating of the film Primer

  10. Crina Cătălina's rating of the film Primer

  11. Tibulle85's rating of the film Primer

    Brouillon, confus, laborieux..Un budget amateur n'excuse pas tout et ne saurait constituer une raison suffisante pour s'infliger un film bien médiocre! :-<

  12. Eugénie's rating of the film Primer

  13. Ma-rewind's rating of the film Primer

    Rien pigé. Ce n'était peut-être pas le jour.

  14. Elizabeth Glass's rating of the film Primer

  15. katerpink's rating of the film Primer

    I think to understand it in 100% I should watch it one more time at least. But I don't want to because of the characters who were not interesting and dull. It's hard to care about them.

  16. oaiaferoce's rating of the film Primer

    This movie makes you think but it doesn't make you feel. If you are certain your daily life is thought provoking enough, you might search for a genuine art form that will provide you with new valuable sensations. In case you need more brain exercise... I guess you could watch this... But then again... no! Not even then!

  17. FISCHER's rating of the film Primer

    Sans aucun trucage, ni effets spéciaux particuliers, le réalisateur parvient à plonger le spectateur dans un maelstrom de questionnements et de supputations fantastiques et scientifiques, accréditées par un habile déferlement verbal de chiffres, formules et autres combinaisons physico-chimiques.

  18. do Brunet's rating of the film Primer

    impossible to see the film . after 6 minutes of second by second viewing i resigned. it's often on Mubi thatdidn't use buffer . it's a real pitty.

  19. PiarviRecherreen's rating of the film Primer

    Ajuster les réglages d'un curieux dérèglement - entrer dans la boîte à dormir debout.

  20. filmotrope's rating of the film Primer

    Produced on a minimal budget of $7,000, this mind-blowing sci-fi mystery is extremely complex and intelligent, and it is amazing how you get more details each time you watch it and try to fit the pieces of this fascinating puzzle. A brilliant film for those who like to be challenged.

  21. BUTTAUD's rating of the film Primer

    Bien que l'intrigue soit étonnante et le jeux parfait, la complexité énigmatique du propos rend le film difficile à suivre.

  22. findfilm's rating of the film Primer

    A feeling of being out of my intellectual depth from the first scenes of intense and almost inaudible dialogue. From then I barely held on to the plot as the time-shifts started happening. This film demands total attention with the clues and curve-balls unobtrusively sitting in the mix. The instinct at the end is to hit replay to sink further into a film that cleverly offers so much with very little (budget).

  23. Leif Erikson's rating of the film Primer

    You know that story, about how NASA spent millions of dollars developing this pen that writes in Zero G?You know how the Russians solved the problem? They used a pencil. A normal, wooden pencil.

  24. Stefano De Putti's rating of the film Primer

    3 stelle perché è un film coraggioso, low budget, indipendente, e ha una complessità che mette alla prova la migliore delle menti. Resta minato però da diversi limiti, come una quasi totale mancanza di indizi e una difficoltà piuttosto fine a se stessa.

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