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  1. Duarte Ferreira's rating of the film Psycho

    4.5/5 - Norman Bates, man... what a monument of a character! Written and played with a totally modern style, having such a degree nuance and precision that makes him stick out even more as a totally anomalous in the midst of the neo-noir horror that surrounds him. About Hitchcock's direction, there isn't much one can say that hasn't already been preached to the choir. In one word: Timeless!

  2. Adam Whybray's rating of the film Psycho

    3.7 stars. I don't enjoy 'Psycho' quite as much as I should like to, mostly due to the terrible explanatory coda and the ludicrous shot upon the stairs - both of which utterly take me out of the film. However, much of it displays such mastery and the score in particular is so influential and riveting, I would be loathe to make a deal out of my personal peeves. It's certainly a film that once seen, never forgotten.

  3. Semaj Productions's rating of the film Psycho

    Nothing revolutionary, but a good old fashioned thriller of the best kind. The score is legendary, the mise-en-scene rich, and the cinematography is pulpy and contrast heavy. Bar a few moments of faux-psychology and cringe worthy acting that have not aged well, there is nothing to dislike about this film. It's well paced and easy to enjoy. A great entry level film for people interested in the art.

  4. SebastianKorteweg's rating of the film Psycho

    Yes, a legendary film with that famous shower scene montage. But what a surprisingly poorly executed ending. Seriously, what was Hitchcock thinking in the last 10 minutes?

  5. Rocco's rating of the film Psycho

    I’m not going to argue that this is anything less than a masterpiece, but it’s far from my favorite Hitchcock for the second half. The frigid Miles and dull Gavin just can’t match the electricity Hitch caught between Leigh and Perkins, and though the film ends with some classic moments, the narrative is slack and the denouement is sullied by that almost unbearably pedantic psychiatrist. Still, the highs are seminal.

  6. lesminho's rating of the film Psycho

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  8. Chearth's rating of the film Psycho

  9. Il calvario di un’anima perduta's rating of the film Psycho

  10. ginobartolomi's rating of the film Psycho

    (somehow) saw this for the first time at 6 or 7 and could not shower alone for months

  11. P R O B A B I L's rating of the film Psycho

    prieteni care-mi vizitati pagina de mobie, am vazut psycho demult, dar am uitat de el, cum am putut???? am facut chiar si un exercitiu la facultate din el, deci practic il stiu pe de rost

  12. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Psycho

    The first and best slasher movie that ever was made. It started a genre on it's own. A film that reminds me of a time when movies still could surprise and scare people without tending to cheap gore scenes or violent "in your face" scare moments. See the original and best and be surprised how well it still holds up. Everything else in this genre is still inferior copies.

  13. Aulia Indry's rating of the film Psycho

    The first black and white film that made me fall in love with the beauty of black and white itself. Too many things we can see and understand. The film is quite easy to digest

  14. janh24's rating of the film Psycho

    Almost a 5 ... if only I had spotted that Hitch cameo!

  15. eccestefan's rating of the film Psycho

    my second fave hitchcock film after vertigo

  16. dionysus67's rating of the film Psycho

    Placed in the annals of cinema's history, this remarkably prescient film about the weight of the world as the oppressive 'debt' owned to the mother, is masterfully transformed into entertainment of first order, stretching its psychoanalytical asumen to a sharp critique of US idols: the automobile, the blonde and money. Metonymically still resonant this filmic matricide of cinema's paranoia is unsettling and profound.

  17. jewelsofglory's rating of the film Psycho

    Probably in my list of top 10 films of all time. Anthony Perkins is a treat to watch.

  18. YoungJun Bae's rating of the film Psycho

    I was able to see the Psycho (1960) finally! The tense was in another level when I focused to Marion. And then the famous shower scene was showed at the middle of the movie. It looked more cruel because of black and white film. I was able to expect how the ending is gonna be, but I cannot forget the eyes and quotes. I think a lot of people might be frightened after seen this movie.

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  21. Tamás Rolfesz's rating of the film Psycho

  22. Dory Bakiewicz Ehmer's rating of the film Psycho

    Ohhhh, Tony! [swoon] your nuanced brillance!! Performance is stand alone.. and that's not counting your musical talent, and the way you rock a fine-waled corduroy

  23. balada balangsak's rating of the film Psycho

    He really is a futuristic filmmaker.

  24. Ben Nash's rating of the film Psycho

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