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Till det som är vackert

Directed by Lisa Langseth
Sweden, 2010


Katarina (20) fears she will end up like her mother: unemployed, broke, and alcoholic. Prospects in the poor outer suburbs of Gothenburg are few, but her discovery of Mozart’s Requiem leads to a love affair with music, a job at a concert hall, and possibly a new life…

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Pure Directed by Lisa Langseth

What are people saying?

  • anarresti's rating of the film Pure

    (Spoiler alter!!!) This starts as a good teenage movie (or a nice movie with a teenage theme). And then it seems to serve (just) as a moral tale about sex and love and being used. As a movie with a certain teenage sensibility it has some virtues, mainly because of the actress performance. But the underlying message the plot seems to convey is quite unsurprising and poor. There' s a lot more to say about sex and love.

  • Wee Hunk's rating of the film Pure

    Well, the fact is that it is harder to get the younger generations interested in classical music, but it is not true that all contemporary music sucks. Just as it was then, you have to be very picky to find the good stuff. I loved the ending and was really hoping for it, but then I'm a psycho.

  • Lars Ole Kristiansen's rating of the film Pure

    "Pure" verges on parody, but the story is extremely entertaining - I was not bored for one second during this tale of passion, lust and betrayal. Beautiful acting from newcomer Alicia Vikander.

  • albertofarina's rating of the film Pure

    Vulnerable, emotionally unbalanced, young woman finds a fragile balance in a desk job in a concert hall but her romance with a self-centered orchestra conductor takes a heavy toll. Realistic, involving drama about coming to terms with reality proved a strong trampoline for Vikander's jump from TV to feature films.

  • Deniz Ipek's rating of the film Pure

    The characters, especially Adam can be just little too plainly black and white, but the presence of Katarina, her despair, her hunger for touch and connection make this film beautiful. We feel her pain, her survival instict and her madness. She is mad yes. Aren't we all? Is it possible to stay sane in this mad mad world? Go ask Kierkegaard.

  • Aksana K's rating of the film Pure

    It is an amazing film. My only criticism is about the ending. Spoiler: It was just too much of a contrast between such a brutal realism of the most part of the plot and the eccentric ending (i.e. no consequence following the murder and Katarina getting her job back). It may be,however, that the last part was just an imaginary ending. The high and low tones of the the film reminded me the Mozart's Requiem itself.

  • Cloudspeaker's rating of the film Pure

    Do we really need another film exploring the grooming of an 'innocent' by a man of culture/distinction? This was a tired story with very little character development; the protagonist largely mute throughout leaving her just a little difficult to empathise with; the 'villain', Adam, lacks dimension and fits the 'cultural elite' stereotype a little too cleanly.

  • Dan's rating of the film Pure

    Vikander was incredible, crazy beautiful and completely committed to Langseth's film. Although I'm not sure I really enjoyed the point the film was trying to make, I enjoyed AND was investing in watching it try.

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