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  1. femme qui dort's rating of the film Pygmalion

  2. Jdsarmientoburgos's rating of the film Pygmalion

    Despite some charming performances and amusing dialogue, I could've done without the dire high-class morality.

  3. Diderot's rating of the film Pygmalion

    Hilarious performances by Wendy Hiller and Wilfrid Lawson, expertly directed by Anthony Asquith, who was always most at home in the classics.

  4. Aardsy's rating of the film Pygmalion

    Sharp script, but could use some more charm.

  5.'s rating of the film Pygmalion

    People see a Macbeth film. They imagine they have seen Macbeth, and don't want to see it again; so when your Mr. Hackett or somebody comes round to act the play, he finds the house empty. That is what has happened to dozens of good plays whose authors have allowed them to be filmed. It shall not happen to mine if I can help it. - George Bernard Shaw, Authors On Film ed. Geduld

  6. El Biffo's rating of the film Pygmalion

    This film is quite wonderful, but what I am really in love with is the Mid-century Modernist stuffed leather living room set in Henry Higgins' salon.You cam see an arm of one of them in the above screenshot. If you are the current owner of these pieces and are willing to sell them, please contact me.

  7. alice's rating of the film Pygmalion

    Quanto brilla, Howard, nella parte dell'antipatico professore di fonetica (i suoi occhi sono quelli di un poeta-ragazzo, guizzanti e ridenti). Nemmeno ne "La foresta pietrificata" mi era piaciuto tanto. La parte centrale del film avrebbe potuto essere sviluppata un po' più.

  8. Ingrid Bergman's rating of the film Pygmalion

    Wendy Hillier and Leslie Howard are superb in this classic version of the George Bernard Shaw play. Shaw himself wrote the screenplay for the movie and subsequently won an Academy Award for it.

  9. Kirby's rating of the film Pygmalion

    The script is still sharp as a tack even now. It's immensely entertaining. Wendy Hiller is cute as a button and gives an excellent performance as well.

  10. Shelley's rating of the film Pygmalion

    a beautiful story of a woman transformed and the benefits/consequences it holds. I really loved this story and how it was portrayed on screen, in a somewhat abstract style of juxtaposing her lessons between her dreams. Leslie Howard is amazing here and plays his character of Higgins incredibly well. Definitely a lost gem on the Criterion archives!

  11. ExperimentoFilm's rating of the film Pygmalion

    As with MY FAIR LADY, the rotten ending sucks out much of the life. Hellish last line. Eliza should have stuck those filthy stinking slippers up his arrogant cunting keester.

  12. Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Pygmalion

  13. AKFilmFan's rating of the film Pygmalion

    Howard's performance elevates this attack of the upper-class even though the original ending by Shaw wasn't included, which I don't mind

  14. Liliana Neves's rating of the film Pygmalion

  15. Brivido_cosmico's rating of the film Pygmalion

    One of the best films I've ever seen. I really love Howard's acting and his professor Higgins is a devilish, terrifying and totally amusing figure. This original version depicts better the real gap in British society and underlines that both Eliza and Higgins are two outsiders. w Leopardi

  16. Owen Sound's rating of the film Pygmalion

    I always enjoy a good old-fashioned zinger.

  17. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Pygmalion

    A classic with great performances by the whole cast. The satiric perfume of the play against the hypocrisy of the Britiish upper-class is a lot more present in this version than in the Cukor's sweetened version. No wonder if one knows that George Bernard Shaw wrote himself the adaptation of his play in 1938. Recommended.

  18. Phil Worfel's rating of the film Pygmalion

    My Fair Lady without Hepburn, Harrison, and the music. Yeah there's still some good stuff here but even though it was made before Cukor's lush masterpiece I can't help but feel cheated.

  19. Giovanni Colantonio's rating of the film Pygmalion

    A simple, but classic story fueled by sharp wit, a great sense of humor, and a massive heart. Really the shining example of a 'charming' film.

  20. Christian's rating of the film Pygmalion

    Theater and cinema in a blend like few others. An absolute classic.