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  1. Photo of Jens Jørgen Thorsen

    Jens Jørgen Thorsen Director

  2. Photo of Jesper Høm

    Jesper Høm Cinematography

  3. Photo of Paul Valjean

    Paul Valjean Cast

  4. Photo of Wayne Rodda

    Wayne Rodda Cast

  5. Photo of Ulla Koppel

    Ulla Koppel Cast

  6. Photo of Avi Sagild

    Avi Sagild Cast

  7. Photo of Susanne Krage

    Susanne Krage Cast

  8. Photo of Henry Miller

    Henry Miller Screenplay

  9. Photo of Klaus Pagh

    Klaus Pagh Producer

  10. Photo of Henrik Sandberg

    Henrik Sandberg Producer

  11. Photo of Lasse Lunderskov

    Lasse Lunderskov Music

  12. Photo of Country Joe McDonald

    Country Joe McDonald Music

  13. Photo of Andy Sundstrøm

    Andy Sundstrøm Music

  14. Photo of Ben Webster

    Ben Webster Music

  15. Photo of Anker Sørensen

    Anker Sørensen Editing