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Ratings & Reviews

  1. ElTigreNegro's rating of the film R-Point

    More of a thriller than a horror movie. I like it, takes it's time to tell the story and explore the characters. Don't go expecting a genre-defining piece.

  2. Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film R-Point

    An OK thriller but lacks in scares and atmosphere. It starts out fine but some parts tend to get a bit boring. With a shorter running time, more scares and blood, and a different director who understands suspense, this could have been good.

  3. gloryofistanbul's rating of the film R-Point

    Superb movie with atmosphere and style puts 'copywood' to shame

  4. Tyler Aikens's rating of the film R-Point

    Boring as all hell. Good idea, but a rather poor execution. Typical Asian ghost flick that could have been a lot better with maybe a different director.