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  1. Photo of Philip Leacock

    Philip Leacock Director

  2. Photo of Robert Westerby

    Robert Westerby Screenplay

  3. Photo of Dirk Bogarde

    Dirk Bogarde Cast

  4. Photo of Ian Hunter

    Ian Hunter Cast

  5. Photo of Dinah Sheridan

    Dinah Sheridan Cast

  6. Photo of Bryan Forbes

    Bryan Forbes Cast

  7. Photo of Walter Fitzgerald

    Walter Fitzgerald Cast

  8. Photo of Bill Kerr

    Bill Kerr Cast

  9. Photo of William Sylvester

    William Sylvester Cast

  10. Photo of Anne Leon

    Anne Leon Cast

  11. Photo of Charles Victor

    Charles Victor Cast

  12. Photo of Richard Wattis

    Richard Wattis Cast

  13. Photo of Carl Jaffe

    Carl Jaffe Cast

  14. Photo of Sam Kydd

    Sam Kydd Cast

  15. Photo of Terence Longdon

    Terence Longdon Cast

  16. Photo of Michael Ripper

    Michael Ripper Cast

  17. Photo of Campbell Singer

    Campbell Singer Cast

  18. Photo of Harold Siddons

    Harold Siddons Cast

  19. Photo of Anthony Shaw

    Anthony Shaw Cast

  20. Photo of Anthony Forwood

    Anthony Forwood Cast

  21. Photo of Stephen Dade

    Stephen Dade Cinematography

  22. Photo of John Wooldridge

    John Wooldridge Music and Screenplay

  23. Photo of Donald M. Ashton

    Donald M. Ashton Production Design

  24. Photo of Aubrey Baring

    Aubrey Baring Producer

  25. Photo of Maxwell Setton

    Maxwell Setton Producer

  26. Photo of Vladimir Sagovsky

    Vladimir Sagovsky Editing