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  1. Photo of Jesse Hibbs

    Jesse Hibbs Director

  2. Photo of D.D. Beauchamp

    D.D. Beauchamp Screenplay

  3. Photo of Borden Chase

    Borden Chase Screenplay

  4. Photo of Joseph Hoffman

    Joseph Hoffman Screenplay

  5. Photo of John Payne

    John Payne Cast

  6. Photo of Mari Blanchard

    Mari Blanchard Cast

  7. Photo of Dan Duryea

    Dan Duryea Cast

  8. Photo of Joyce Mackenzie

    Joyce Mackenzie Cast

  9. Photo of Barton MacLane

    Barton MacLane Cast

  10. Photo of Ralph Dumke

    Ralph Dumke Cast

  11. Photo of Harry Shannon

    Harry Shannon Cast

  12. Photo of James Griffith

    James Griffith Cast

  13. Photo of Lee Van Cleef

    Lee Van Cleef Cast

  14. Photo of Myron Healey

    Myron Healey Cast

  15. Photo of Douglas Kennedy

    Douglas Kennedy Cast

  16. Photo of George Chandler

    George Chandler Cast

  17. Photo of Alexander Campbell

    Alexander Campbell Cast

  18. Photo of Charles Horvath

    Charles Horvath Cast

  19. Photo of Stephen Chase

    Stephen Chase Cast

  20. Photo of Rex Allen

    Rex Allen Cast

  21. Photo of Maury Gertsman

    Maury Gertsman Cinematography

  22. Photo of Henry Mancini

    Henry Mancini Music

  23. Photo of Milton Rosen

    Milton Rosen Music

  24. Photo of Herman Stein

    Herman Stein Music

  25. Photo of Ted Richmond

    Ted Richmond Producer

  26. Photo of Ted J. Kent

    Ted J. Kent Editing

  27. Photo of Leslie I. Carey

    Leslie I. Carey Sound

  28. Photo of Richard Deweese

    Richard Deweese Sound