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175 Ratings


Directed by Brad Peyton
United States, 2018
Action, Sci-Fi


Based on the classic 1980’s video game featuring apes and monsters destroying cities.

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Rampage Directed by Brad Peyton

What are people saying?

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Rampage

    As a fan of giant monsters and disaster imagery, "Rampage" didn't have to do much to please me, yet this video game adaptation lacks the most basic building blocks of an entertaining movie. Here's a script that was rewritten to hell and back: there was clearly a draft where a wounded Rock injected himself with the Rampage serum for the big finale, which would have been an improvement over the dreary slog we got.

  • msmichel's rating of the film Rampage

    A total surprise just how much dumb fun is experienced watching this monster mash. It might just be the modern equivalent of that after school monster movie we used to rush home to watch before dinner. Way beyond silly but like the first 'Pacific Rim' film it also stands as a pleasing reminder of what it felt like being 7 or 8 and imagining crap like this.

  • Palmat's rating of the film Rampage

    A decent throwaway monster flick with Dwayne Johnson doing his thing. The plot is not what you would call innovative but the rehashed clichés are given enough freshness to barely pass the bar. The FX and production design works pretty well. However, it is JD Morgan who steals the movie with his cowboy FBI agent. This is good for a late night watch but nothing more. 2,5/5

  • chicofireman's rating of the film Rampage

    O ponto forte de “Rampage” é um certo descompromisso do filme com amarras. Os realizadores não querem ser levados a sério e isso faz sentido num longa sobre criaturas gigantes. O problema é que essa “anarquia” se concentra em piadinhas infames, que terminam virando o motor do filme, em vez das cenas de ação. Não há sequências realmente pensadas para criar algum impacto visual ou provocar ‘fisicamente’ o espectador.

  • paul_quixote's rating of the film Rampage

    An advert for CRISPR and MOAB that's also a demoralizing vision of power: the might of Tech/Pharma/Military is infinite, best option is a savvy band of renegades saves world from being 100% destroyed, but TONS of death/destruction WILL happen. Majority of flick is a dead weight set-up for the end. Best was Gorilla's broish rapport w/ Rock, JDM, + the villains' cartoonish evilness & their even-more-cartoonish demises.

  • TheCentralRuhr's rating of the film Rampage

    The Peyton-Rock vehicles always make the most out of their premises to give Dwayne a credible 'challenge' to face, contrasting his physique with the film's CGI scale and without ever losing sight of either. Still, the Rock seems like the only thing between this and whatever Sharknado vs Tyranorantula sequel the Syfy channel is onto now. (cont.)

  • Jonathan Pr's rating of the film Rampage

    Scénario très stupide comme prévu, mais je m'en fous, ostie que j'ai aimé ca voir ces grosses bibittes détruire des immeubles pis se taper dessus.

  • Bruno Calgaro Sandi's rating of the film Rampage

    more like 2.5-2.75...really was a rare popcorn flick that i enjoyed but really not much to think about, 'cept occasional poor taste jokes, but motion capture ape was well done, main actors did shine in what is a low bar set to video game movie adaptations.

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