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  1. Walker's rating of the film Rashômon

    Kurosawa's movies are pretty much beyond criticism. I have nothing to add.

  2. kartina obskura's rating of the film Rashômon

  3. Dzernera's rating of the film Rashômon

    While most of the time we hold truth as something self-evident, Rashomon lightly takes one to the point where "truth" can also be nothing more than just a dream or self-created reality. A place where a single happening will inevitably depend on the inner world of the one gazing at it. Remarkable movie that gives more than just a single thought on the complex world of feeling and human perceptions.

  4. Richmond Hill's rating of the film Rashômon

    A thoughtful and visually poetic exploration of some of mans' foibles not least the impossibility of a fidelity of memory, truth and lies. Kurosawa directs with clarity if over-emphasis in places (notably the elongated fights and restoration of a hope at the conclusion). Hayasaka's Ravelian score and Miyagawa's dappled cinematography soften the edges of so-called reality. A film with long tallons.

  5. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Rashômon

    It's been a while since I saw it, but I remember being impressed with the technicality. Especially a particular scene with a possessed woman...

  6. Thomas Dods's rating of the film Rashômon

    It's great and I understand it's influence on so much cinema after its release, but I have always preferred other films by Kurosawa. Needs to revisit.

  7. MistaRichard's rating of the film Rashômon

    Kurosawa, in unparalleled style, provides us with a study on how one story can have such diverse and differing accounts, all of them inaccurate to a certain extent, subtly making the viewer question the very nature of truth. Full of rich characters and an intricate plot overflowing with philosophical undertones, this is a humble film about story, with one that'll remain in the back of your mind. Essential.

  8. Nolan Barth's rating of the film Rashômon

    What else is there to say about the brilliance that is Rashomon? How am I supposed to sum up my thoughts on it in only 420 characters? I've seen several of Kurosawa's films, but this was my first time watching Rashomon. It's amazing to see how influential it is. Everyone from Tarantino to Bergman has been influenced by it in some way. After over 60 years this film is still incredibly moving and powerful.

  9. Mert Kaya's rating of the film Rashômon

    human masterpiece about itself.

  10. dordairobert's rating of the film Rashômon

  11. FISCHER's rating of the film Rashômon

    Sur la fragilité et la relativité du témoignage visuel, oculaire, verbal, l'ambiguïté affirmée de toute vérité, les chausse-trappes de la duplicité, un chef-d'oeuvre absolu en forme d'inflexible parabole universelle qui reste aussi un superbe monument de cinéma aux foudroyantes qualités techniques.

  12. Alex Pintică's rating of the film Rashômon

  13. João R's rating of the film Rashômon

    The medium sequence was mesmerizing.

  14. Terry_Moby's rating of the film Rashômon

  15. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Rashômon

    Setting aside everything that's been said about the themes about lies and memories in this film, I thought the way the characters acted based on pride and public appearance tied class, gender, etc. was honestly a really interesting part of the film. I saw someone else mention that they wish things hadn't been tied up cleanly, but I think the film is more balanced for admitting that decency does exist, if ambiguous.

  16. f-nanda's rating of the film Rashômon

    "Do what I say, don't do what I do" The ethic! OH, the ethic!

  17. zohen lux's rating of the film Rashômon

    i went to college 1 (ONE) day this semester and we watched this in class it was totally worth getting out of bed that day but i still quit college the day after

  18. Roy Deckard's rating of the film Rashômon

    "Man just wants to forget the bad stuff, and believe in the made-up good stuff. It's easier that way."

  19. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Rashômon

    If this was a debut film it would rank among the greatest debut films of all time. The feel of a debut film is not a slam, it's not meant as one in any case. It sort of feels like one, still, in the simple nature of the story. And uses tricks that I feel would be at home in a director's debut film, such as the non-closure at the end. As usual there is exellent use of weather to grant texture.

  20. goulton green's rating of the film Rashômon

  21. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Rashômon

    You can't handle the truth!

  22. the prince's rating of the film Rashômon

    I viewed this film and loved it - even before I knew little about sexual desire or rape . . .

  23. Ayinde Anderson's rating of the film Rashômon

    Great film on the deceptive nature of Rashomon.

  24. Lintang A.'s rating of the film Rashômon

    Truth is relative. Can you even be honest to your soul?

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