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L'ordre et la morale

Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz
France, 2011
Action, History, Drama


1988, Ouvéa Island, New Caledonia. 30 police officers are taken hostage by a group of Kanak freedom fighters. 300 soldiers are sent from France to re-establish order. Two men confront each other as they enter negotiations: the captain of the counter-terrorist squad and the head of the kidnappers.

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Rebellion Directed by Mathieu Kassovitz

What are people saying?

  • I.Camera's rating of the film Rebellion

    Kassowitz's underrated directorial return was not enough for him to cast off the one-hit wonder tag. There is a lot to like about this study of a forgotten colonial conflict, which covers the shifting dynamics of the 1988 Ouvea revolt, when careful negotiations gave way to a heavy-handed assault and alleged executions. Fascinating in light of the recent New Caledonia independence referendum, where Ouvea voted 'yes'.

  • dionysus67's rating of the film Rebellion

    Highly engaging chronicle of a hostage crisis and the brutality with which it was resolved contrary to the deliberative processes that were about to be achieved. Kassovitz films this with integrity, purged from mainstream action-packed pyrotechnics. Even if the camerawork is mostly conventional, the whole delivery makes for a gripping and thought-provoking statement on ethics, dispossession and political power games.

  • Daniel S.'s rating of the film Rebellion

    Interesting telling of a forgotten event that happened just before the French 1988 Presidential elections. What I liked the most about it is the point of view of the main character. Kassovitz is a soldier and never questions his orders as morally reprehensible as they may be. He observes and tries his best. That's the force of Rebellion. Recommended.

  • Ananke's rating of the film Rebellion

    Really scary how contemporary the subject still is. The consequences of colonialism are still unfolding (with many culture still being subjugated all around the globe). As always politicians (men) disregarding the slightest shred humanity. Really good editing. This movie just grab you

  • Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Rebellion

    Kassovitz dirigiò El Odio y con ello, demostrò su capacidad narrativa. No la despliega en todo su cine pero aquì, la retoma con mucha precisiòn. De un evento històrico hace un filme cargado de matices acerca de la colonizaciòn, el abuso de poder, las trampas de los polìticos y la ingenuidad de los colonizados. Ademàs, actùa e hizo parte del guion. El tratamiento sonoro tambièn merece atenciòn, ademàs del montaje

  • Nikolás Rojas's rating of the film Rebellion

    It is worth bearing in mind as a historical document. What happened in New Caledonia is an example of typical colonialism, and of raw war tactics where killing and obeying are pseudo-political principles. This is how in the final picture the truth and the lie debate between the regular of the soldier and who orders.

  • Shahriar Khan's rating of the film Rebellion

    France’s outrageous treatment of French Polynesia serves as a metaphor for the bigotry, betrayal, and brutality of France’s present day police treatment of non-white immigrants. Kassovitz’s liberal sentiments at times are laid on as heavy-handedly as the army’s assaults, nevertheless, this is an action movie that is up there with the Vietnam stories of Oliver Stone and Brian de Palma as an emotionally-charged drama.

  • aind.rodolphe's rating of the film Rebellion

    Classic dichotomy: Bad government (no matter what the transitional aspect and elections are), the good guy among the bad and confused (in each camp). The ultra classic message of the French leftist bourgeoisie: "you’re bad and the indigenous people are better than you, you wicked". The historical context is destroyed by the desired simplicity and cinematography is messy and uncertain at best.

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