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997 Ratings

Red State

Directed by Kevin Smith
United States, 2011
Horror, Thriller, Action


After a group of teens accept an online invitation for group sex, though they soon encounter Pastor Abin Cooper, his followers, and their sinister agenda.

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Red State Directed by Kevin Smith

What are people saying?

  • J. O.'s rating of the film Red State

    An interesting and surprisingly unique film from a (personally speaking) over-rated and under-creative director. This film had some great acting that came together to create some very unsettling moments. It is highly unlikely that Smith will ever create another film as unbridled as this - even evident by the end of the film itself, when he couldn't even give it a good finale. The final trumpet idea fell so flat.

  • Rafael Zen's rating of the film Red State

    My sadistic dream on cinema. Red State is the kind of sick movie I tell people to watch. It takes itself seriously enough to make it rewatchable, and It doesn't take itself too seriously so it's obviously fake. It's timing gone crazy.

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Red State

    Not a bad movie...well, okay, I guess it is a bad movie. But there's something entertaining about the way Smith gleefully kills off main characters at every turn, not to mention Michael Parks as a preacher who his flock likes to call "Daddy." Michael Angarano and Kyle Gallner have good chemistry as two greasy high school kids desperate to get laid. Too bad the dialogue often sounds like a political tract.

  • Lynch/Fellini's rating of the film Red State

    A fantastic film from Kevin Smith, which proves that he still has it in him to make a great film. This is perhaps his most ambitious project to day, and the result is a chilling action film with an award quality performance from Michael Parks!

  • Zach Closs's rating of the film Red State

    An intelligent and intense piece of social commentary. It is dark and heavy subject matter but I still found it quite entertaining at times. John Goodman is amazing in it.

  • Steve Pulaski's rating of the film Red State

    This is a good movie. Coming from a huge Kevin Smith fan, I was a little upset about the film not taking the "horror" route promised. It didn't know if it wanted to be horror, social commentary, or a crime-drama. It was a fine film, nicely done and nicely acted (especially by Michael Parks), but I just wanted it to be more of what it was hyped to be; a horror film.

  • Matthew_Lucas's rating of the film Red State

    Kevin Smith's grand experiment in self-distribution turns out to be an odd, awkwardly paced pseudo-horror film about an extreme, gay-hating church (clearly inspired by the Westboro Baptist Church), who begins luring in horny teenagers with the promise of sex, to kill them in their crusade against sin. Some interesting moral elements come into play later, but are mostly ignored, never really going anywhere.

  • Tyler Aikens's rating of the film Red State

    Garbage. But you knew that when you saw Kevin Smith in the credits. And you know what REALLY sucks about it? The first twenty minutes of it were pretty good! Could've been a neat little horror flick, but then John Goodman turns up and the whole movie is more like a Modern Warfare video game than a horror movie. The only reason I don't give the flick 1 star is because the ending was actually on point.