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219 Ratings


Directed by Takeshi Koike
Japan, 2009


Redline is the biggest, most popular, illegal and most dangerous race in all of the galaxy.

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Redline Directed by Takeshi Koike

What are people saying?

  • Seth Farmer's rating of the film Redline

    This film is beautiful. I mean it. It's a grand achievement in animation and in filmmaking, period. In the distant future where anti-gravity is the norm some fools still have a passion for wheels, and today, in our modern world of computer animation, some crazy motherfuckers still love the artform enough to spend seven long years drawing Speed Racer from hell. Glorious.

  • Valu2009's rating of the film Redline

    Nostalgia canaglia. Un po' di robottoni, un po' di Suda 51 e i tratti da Jack Kirby. La Trama è un banale pretesto per il bim bum bam, sappiatelo.

  • Coheed 2.5's rating of the film Redline

    A shot in the arm for anime, taking a simple concept (racing) and, through seven years of hard work, creating an exhilarating blast of imagination and charm. In a area of culture, anime, which can be incredibly lazy and off-putting even for anime fans, this is an incredible piece of pop-art.

  • HKFanatic's rating of the film Redline

    Much like "Attack the Block," this is a pretty decent film that the internet community has latched onto and hyped way out of proportion. The animation is certainly stunning and psychedelic but what is it in service of? The characters and story are thin, and the creators engage in the same extreme female objectification as the anime that "Redline's" fans rail against. A visual feast on blu-ray but not much else.

  • Derek Godin's rating of the film Redline

    Mix together four parts "Wacky Races," four parts "F-Zero," two parts manic Madhouse animation and one part 50s greaser cool. Add sugar to taste. Then add more sugar. Then add a 24-ounce can of Red Bull or two while you're at it. Add food colouring liberally. Bake for 102 minutes and enjoy.

  • Tibulle85's rating of the film Redline

    (Vu en DVD) Koike, c'est la classe incarnée en animation; donnez-lui n'importe quel projet, et tout dégoulinera de classe. Le revers de la médaille, c'est qu'avoir la classe (dans les animés comme dans la vie) ne garantit aucunement une véritable profondeur...Ce Redlline en est la parfaite illustration: très belle coquille vide, bluffante sur le plan formel mais superficielle dans le propos, et finalement ennuyeuse.

  • Steve G.'s rating of the film Redline

    Completely unbearable. I had a headache after 15 minutes, the animation style was doing my head in, and I wished I'd just decided to go to work today instead. I love a bit of anime but this was hell.

  • John Matrix's rating of the film Redline

    7 years of hard work that gleams like polished gold. Every crusty alien, shiny race car, & oversized tit is rendered with a wonderful attention to detail. The narrative does its job of giving the animation a reason to exist. Its simplicity is the best counterbalance to the intricate visuals. The old cinema of spectacle is alive & well in REDLINE. Watch this w/ surround sound & your speakers turned up fucking LOUD.

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