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  1. Photo of Nicolae Margineanu

    Nicolae Margineanu Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Petre Salcudeanu

    Petre Salcudeanu Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ion Agârbiceanu

    Ion Agârbiceanu Novel

  4. Photo of Constantin Brînzea

    Constantin Brînzea Cast

  5. Photo of Maria Ploae

    Maria Ploae Cast

  6. Photo of Remus Margineanu

    Remus Margineanu Cast

  7. Photo of Ana Ciontea

    Ana Ciontea Cast

  8. Photo of Ion Sasaran

    Ion Sasaran Cast

  9. Photo of Vasile Nitulescu

    Vasile Nitulescu Cast

  10. Photo of Lucia Mara

    Lucia Mara Cast

  11. Photo of Liliana Ticau

    Liliana Ticau Cast

  12. Photo of Livia Baba

    Livia Baba Cast

  13. Photo of Olimpia Arghir

    Olimpia Arghir Cast

  14. Photo of Valentin Uritescu

    Valentin Uritescu Cast

  15. Photo of Nae Mazilu

    Nae Mazilu Cast

  16. Photo of Dragos Pîslaru

    Dragos Pîslaru Cast

  17. Photo of Tudorel Filimon

    Tudorel Filimon Cast

  18. Photo of Papil Panduru

    Papil Panduru Cast

  19. Photo of Stefan Török

    Stefan Török Cast

  20. Photo of Tudor George

    Tudor George Cast

  21. Photo of Grid Modorcea

    Grid Modorcea Producer

  22. Photo of Vlad Paunescu

    Vlad Paunescu Cinematography

  23. Photo of Cristina Ionescu

    Cristina Ionescu Editing

  24. Photo of Cornel Taranu

    Cornel Taranu Music

  25. Photo of Radu Corciova

    Radu Corciova Production Design

  26. Photo of Desdemona Lohinshi

    Desdemona Lohinshi Costume Design