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5,047 Ratings


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
United States, 1948
Crime, Thriller, Gay & Lesbian


After strangling a former classmate in pursuit of the perfect murder, two friends hold a dinner party for their victim’s friends and family in order to raise the stakes.

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Rope Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Awards & Festivals

Berlin International Film Festival


What are people saying?

  • Zac Weber's rating of the film Rope

    Rope has been called a stunt by some, but the spectacle of trying to "get away with 'it'" is highly entertaining, from the murder to the explicit relationship. When adjusting to the dated speech, remember these sort of one-liners & ripostes once defined Broadway wit. One knock is Hitchcock's awkward attempts to use brief close-ups to simulate continuity; they're distracting rather than subtle and affective.

  • Duncan Gray's rating of the film Rope

    The normal line on Rope is that the long takes are a magnificent stylistic experiment, but the story is limp. Don't believe it. See it on the big screen, and the style and narrative will coil around one another to create an unsettling chamber drama that mines Hitchcock's morbid streak, usually covered by comedy, for all the squirming tension it's worth. The biggest exposure of his dark side before Vertigo.

  • Scott Barley's rating of the film Rope

    A technically audacious film, brimming with philosophical and psychological concepts, such as Nietzsche's "Ubermensch", as well as being littered with Freudian allusions. It may not be one of Hitchcock's most satisfying films to watch, but it is one of his finest, nonetheless.

  • Yasser Azmy's rating of the film Rope

    until the ending 5 stars , i could listen to the doubts and argument of stewart and dall all night , I feel kinda of disappointing with this ending.

  • ASHES IN THE HOURGLASS's rating of the film Rope

    All I want is for these annoying characters to die in a pit of inferno. STFU. I don't want to hear about your bullshit Freudian theories. This is not Crime and Punishment and Hitchcock is no Dostoyevsky.

  • Zachary George Najarian-Najafi's rating of the film Rope

    Brandon is a charming slime ball. I love the whole set up of eating dinner on a trunk containing a dead body. Morbid, but appealing; Hitch always knew how to play his audience like a fiddle and twist their expectations. And by confining the action to a single room he ratchets up the tension, the claustrophobia sets in. This is what a movie like Hard Candy went for but got bogged down in its own sensationalism.

  • Kamran's rating of the film Rope

    Perhaps Hitchcock's finest moment, a surreal blending of theater and cinema. Sound and image become one. Articulate dialogue. With scenes such as Brandon playing with the rope once used to kill, a metronomic rhythm increasing to correspond with Phillip's anxiety, and invisible spaces coming to life by voice-over storytelling, this is truly exemplar of a master at work. 99/100 - Masterful.

  • Edwin N's rating of the film Rope

    Apart the fact that it contains long shots, the other amazing thing in Rope is that it raises questions of crucial importance.I debated some of them in philosophy and it took hours of deliberations: I believe the film is a whole lot deeper than it intends to be even though it can rank as a pretty good thriller too. Probably Hitchcock's most psycho-philosophical film, screw Psycho and Vertigo.