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  1. Photo of Helmut Dziuba

    Helmut Dziuba Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Christian Steyer

    Christian Steyer Music

  3. Photo of Helmut Bergmann

    Helmut Bergmann Cinematography

  4. Photo of Barbara Simon

    Barbara Simon Editing

  5. Photo of Heinz Röske

    Heinz Röske Production Design

  6. Photo of Edgar Nitzsche

    Edgar Nitzsche Sound

  7. Photo of Petra Lämmel

    Petra Lämmel Cast

  8. Photo of Simone von Zglinicki

    Simone von Zglinicki Cast

  9. Photo of Martin Trettau

    Martin Trettau Cast

  10. Photo of Petra Barthel

    Petra Barthel Cast

  11. Photo of Johanna Clas

    Johanna Clas Cast

  12. Photo of Heide Kipp

    Heide Kipp Cast

  13. Photo of Gert Gütschow

    Gert Gütschow Cast

  14. Photo of Jürgen Huth

    Jürgen Huth Cast