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  1. Photo of K. Vishwanath

    K. Vishwanath Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jandhyala

    Jandhyala Screenplay

  3. Photo of Somayajulu J.V.

    Somayajulu J.V. Cast

  4. Photo of Manju Bhargavi

    Manju Bhargavi Cast

  5. Photo of Tulasi

    Tulasi Cast

  6. Photo of Allu Ramalingaiah

    Allu Ramalingaiah Cast

  7. Photo of Rajyalakshmi

    Rajyalakshmi Cast

  8. Photo of Chandramohan

    Chandramohan Cast

  9. Photo of Nirmalamma

    Nirmalamma Cast

  10. Photo of Pushpakumari

    Pushpakumari Cast

  11. Photo of Sakshi Ranga Rao

    Sakshi Ranga Rao Cast

  12. Photo of Jhansi

    Jhansi Cast

  13. Photo of Varalakshmi

    Varalakshmi Cast

  14. Photo of Janardhana Rao Arja

    Janardhana Rao Arja Cast

  15. Photo of Dubbing Janaki

    Dubbing Janaki Cast

  16. Photo of Jit Mohan Mitra

    Jit Mohan Mitra Cast

  17. Photo of Viswanatham

    Viswanatham Cast

  18. Photo of Balu Mahendra

    Balu Mahendra Cinematography

  19. Photo of Mahadevan K.V.

    Mahadevan K.V. Music

  20. Photo of Vani Jairam

    Vani Jairam Music

  21. Photo of S. Janaki

    S. Janaki Music

  22. Photo of Puhalendi

    Puhalendi Music

  23. Photo of Balasubramaniam S.P.

    Balasubramaniam S.P. Music

  24. Photo of Sailaja S.P.

    Sailaja S.P. Music

  25. Photo of P. Susheela

    P. Susheela Music

  26. Photo of Sriramulu Akasam

    Sriramulu Akasam Producer

  27. Photo of Thadi Babji

    Thadi Babji Producer

  28. Photo of Nageshwara Rao Edida

    Nageshwara Rao Edida Producer

  29. Photo of Thadi Haribabu

    Thadi Haribabu Producer

  30. Photo of Thadi Ramakrishna

    Thadi Ramakrishna Producer

  31. Photo of G.G. Krishna Rao

    G.G. Krishna Rao Editing

  32. Photo of A.R. Swaminathan

    A.R. Swaminathan Sound

  33. Photo of Surya Rao

    Surya Rao Costume Design