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  1. Droog811's rating of the film Save the Tiger

    Jack Lemmon and Jack Gilford act the hell out of this film. Very much a character study but what a character study it is. Harry, Jack Lemmon, is stuck in the past, while everything around him is falling apart and he tries to make sense of it all. Does he in the end...who knows?

  2. ‏ㅤ's rating of the film Save the Tiger

    "Kamu died" "He died a long time ago" "No, not him. Kamu the whale. Been swimming against the current for three years. And it damaged... the current in the tank at Pacific World and the friction damaged his dorsal fin. It's a shame, a beautiful animal like that dead."

  3. Stephen Campbell's rating of the film Save the Tiger

    Before the bemoth that was Rocky director John G Avilsden made some interesting films and Along with Joe this is one of his very best.

  4. Checkpoint Charlie's rating of the film Save the Tiger

    Jack Lemmon was great...I just think the film cut off the story too soon, that and while the scenes with the Myra character are well done and fairly legitimate it's not too hard to see them being in another film, but this too I think has a lot to do with only so much having been made of the narrative. I think we should've at least gotten to see how much of a toll the forthcoming events would've had on him.

  5. The Living Wills (Band)'s rating of the film Save the Tiger

    Jack Lemmon's enthusiasm is notable and commendable. His character revels in thought about the highlights from his past. The man is full of sentiment while his world is falling apart.

  6. oldfilmsflicker's rating of the film Save the Tiger

  7. Cole Caudle's rating of the film Save the Tiger

    A very interesting film which attempts to expose the hypocrisy and moral bankruptcy permeating American society in the early 70's. A liberal minded film that diagnoses society's ills but struggles to offer any remedy aside from pessimistic acceptance. Dramatically not always satisfying but leaves the viewer with plenty to chew on.

  8. ExitBxC's rating of the film Save the Tiger

    Jack Lemmon is my favorite film actor for one major reason: he never, in his long career, ever played a cop. He played me, you, them, people with problems, joy, sadness, achievement; a person just trying to get through the day and the life. Anybody can chew up scenery. It takes something special to be a person up there.