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  1. Richard Tines's rating of the film Session 9

    This was a great atmospheric horror story (no blood) up until the very last line, which makes as much sense as "Gremlins" stricture not to feed the Mogwais after midnight (really what time of day is not after midnight?) still, check this one out tho if you're tired of mindless gore and torture porn...

  2. xer vokun's rating of the film Session 9

    One of the scariest movies I have ever watched not for the gore that is in small amounts but for the later part of the movie when all is revealed. Those damn recordings still make me shiver. Where does Simon live?

  3. richardlawrn's rating of the film Session 9

    watched it ten years ago and have always wanted to watch it again, for I hadn't really paid enough attention to the story and focused on the scares and hoped to see blood everywhere. well written and directed, the performances are solid and the end surprised me.

  4. Matthew Martens's rating of the film Session 9

    Finally watched thanks to Paul Tremblay's nod in his endnotes to A Head Full of Ghosts. I wonder how, had I seen it, it would have affected my thoughts about applying for the position I was eventually offered at the the Peabody Institute Library in Danvers back in 2005. Danvers State Hospital, by now demolished, retains a spectral grandeur in the local imagination, and Session 9's chief virtue is its vivid evocation.

  5. João R's rating of the film Session 9

    While brilliantly mastering the eerie setting (standing out only for it) through image, sound and mystery (that, sadly, never reaches to a horrifying level), it completely loses its boundaries and focus while dancing through various genres leaving a conclusion that doesn't fully satisfy to its ambiguious nature. However, the different interpretations you can corroborate with the periodic clues are fairly interesting.

  6. Jason Av's rating of the film Session 9

  7. andretz's rating of the film Session 9

  8. Log Lady's rating of the film Session 9

    A lot more understated than I expected, but I was still somewhat pleasantly surprised. There's a subtleness to the atmosphere that feels like a whisper against your arm, or a gentle breeze of wind in your hair. You know there's something wrong, and although the revelation isn't jawdropping, the overall progress of events and the mood of the film are worth recognizing. I just wish there'd been more oomph.

  9. Johnny 2.0's rating of the film Session 9

  10. tassa's rating of the film Session 9

    Not too well constructed and a bit sloppy. Superb sound design.

  11. Zach Closs's rating of the film Session 9

    A terrifically atmospheric and naturalistic horror film that understands it's what isn't seen that's the scariest. The simplistic plot and predictable final revelations don't exactly do it justice, however.

  12. chih's rating of the film Session 9

    Hahahahahaha, why is this movie on here? And why does it have three stars?

  13. Myles O'Mara's rating of the film Session 9

    Although I had somewhat of a special circumstance (sick day watching whatever at 11 am with a utility guy spraying the house for bugs), this is one of the most suspenseful and frightening films I've ever seen. I was impressed this sort of thing could still be done.

  14. Joe Wakeman's rating of the film Session 9

  15. 121018's rating of the film Session 9

    It was longer than necessary and the characters and dialogue were a little weak, but it had a really nice cinematography and an amazing sound editing.

  16. Lucas Davies's rating of the film Session 9

    At least it had a cool location.

  17. doltcrow's rating of the film Session 9

    Too long for an end that an average movie watcher could predict in the first twenty minutes.

  18. Sam Everett's rating of the film Session 9

    It's unfortunate that there were a couple of CSI cast members in there, preventing me from taking the movie too seriously. Concept was interesting, but the ambiguity of the nature of the main antagonist (trying to avoid spoilers there) added an element of the supernatural I didn't enjoy. A few cool scenes though, more of a "might as well watch" movie.

  19. courtneylesueur's rating of the film Session 9

    Dreadfully generic and boring.

  20. bradfms's rating of the film Session 9

    Probably the worst film I've ever seen. The entire film is weak and attempts at psychological thrill just left me bored and waiting for the film to end already. Goes on for way too long and easily predictable.

  21. Cesar Alexandre's rating of the film Session 9

    Isn't that nice but I'm not really bothered.

  22. Palmat's rating of the film Session 9

    Very good psychological horror/thriller/drama flick. The film moves quite slow but with a clear purpose and utilizes the protagonists mundane existence and petty squabbles as a breeding ground for a silent and creeping dread. As the movie progresses things slowly fall apart for the characters and the end, while not that hard to figure out, still manages to thrill and horrify in equal measures. Well worth your time!

  23. J. O.'s rating of the film Session 9

    A genuinely frightening film, from the eerie cinematography and locations down to the strange, pallid facial expressions of each character. One of the strongest sound designs in a horror film - it reaches into your psyche and forces you to imagine horrible things.

  24. MarcH's rating of the film Session 9

    The best horror movie you never heard of.

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