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  1. lbunuel's rating of the film Shame

    There is real talent in McQueen's formalistic approach - the long takes, the shiny surfaces -, and Fassbender is impressive. After a while, though, this becomes just too derivative of Bresson & dramatically stilted. Because it is "serious", the film avoids giving answers by offering some generic grievances ("our family was tough..."), archetypical exaggerations and insufferable moralism.

  2. Steve Bache's rating of the film Shame

    One of the best films, I've ever seen. McQueen told the story of the sex-addicted Brandon so subtle and with such great pictures, that you'll be sucked right into the atmosphere of the live of Brandon and his sister Sissy. The scene in the subway with the unknown girl is such a good example, how good a scene can be without dialogue.

  3. Thomas Kestler's rating of the film Shame

  4. koschka's rating of the film Shame

    It was the first time that I saw this movie and somehow I expected it to be different because of the reviews I heard about it. I just couldn`t connect on an emotional level - it was a very nice and stylish imagery - but it didn`t appeal to me.

  5. Udo N. Owen's rating of the film Shame

    Eigentlich ein starkes Thema, ein guter Regisseur und ein guter Hauptdarsteller. Aber trotz guter Zutaten will der Film mir nicht richtig schmecken. Er kommt einfach nicht an den Punkt, meine Gefühle zu packen, obwohl ich sehe und verstehe, wohin er mich führen möchte. Zu clean, zu geleckt, zu viel Klischee, zu viel Hollywood. Nicht mein Fall. 4/10

  6. AVA's rating of the film Shame

    Die ewige Jagd nach dem Kick.hier auf sexuellem Gebiet,bleibt trotz Erfolgsquote unbefriedigend,da Nähe unerwünscht. Der Film zeigt in klaren Bildern dies sich ins Unendliche steigernde Phänomen.

  7. Jaco's rating of the film Shame

    Dieser Film ist ein einziger postkoitale Depression. Aber: sehr gute Schauspieler, gute Kameraführung (zB. Brandon beim joggen - er macht noch etwas anderes als vögeln), außerdem hat der Film einen schönen tragenden Rhythmus, dauert ein moment bis man dort rein kommt, aber dann fließt man mit. Eine hyperrealistische Geschichte. Was kann Mann alles so erleben.

  8. Epinephrin's rating of the film Shame

    It didn't get to me. Fassbender's body was the only thing worth watching. "Code blue" is a real cinematographic feast. This film is almost entirely played in the dark.

  9. Quattro's rating of the film Shame

    Of course McQueen delivers another great piece of Cinema, and yet I feel like something's missing. I mean, it works perfectly as it introduces the characters – but that's pretty much all about it. I saw little development in Fassbender's character's arc, and in the end I felt like I never quite understood him. Could be great, ended up being just terribly good.

  10. Stevan Milivojevic's rating of the film Shame

    A rare insight into the mind and actions of a sex addict. Great story of lack of intimacy in one's life and fear of emotional involvement. Raw approach in filming, as well as the masterfull acting of Michael Fassbender, gives this film a solid 4/5.

  11. Kenzozo's rating of the film Shame

  12. Magda Magdy's rating of the film Shame

    Dunno know how I feel about this. Needs a rewatch.

  13. el.'s rating of the film Shame

  14. Stefan Stefan's rating of the film Shame

  15. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Shame

  16. Jaka Permadi's rating of the film Shame

  17. zohen lux's rating of the film Shame

    @freud u up? check this out

  18. Angus George Alexander Brown's rating of the film Shame

    This film distils the male gaze for the screen. It is so cold, so cruel, so brittle, so bitter a look on our present condition that it cannot help but meet with praise.

  19. Ben Nash's rating of the film Shame

    Not quite as good as McQueen's Hunger, but still top-notch drama.

  20. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Shame

    Bel giorno quello in cui Steve McQueen ha scelto di prendere in mano una cinepresa e donarci le sue lunghe, fortissime riprese. Un argomento forte, diluito da una delicata fotografia che si muove tra colori freddi e luci al neon, mentre prende forma in una sceneggiatura non impeccabile ma soddisfacente. Scivolone sulla sequenza del club gay, che nonostante l'esplicitezza del film, risulta stonata e poco sviluppata.

  21. F/K's rating of the film Shame

    A very powerful film that examines the ugliness of sexual addiction

  22. Louis Robert's rating of the film Shame

    L'acting est fantastique et on feel vraiment les gros problèmes de vie des 2 protagonistes, tellement que je suis pas satisfait du tout d'avoir embarqué dans leur existence pendant 100 min.

  23. JoãoPierre's rating of the film Shame

    It's a true piece of art. You are let free to think the meaning of this characters and their relations. You are not told the beginning of the narrative neither the end. Quite unsettling.

  24. stopyunn's rating of the film Shame

    why is this movie boring to me

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