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  1. Dada Kubin's rating of the film Siembra

    If judged by the cinematography, this movie deserves only praise. Many of the gorgeous and poetic B&W images will stay on my retina for a long time. Regarding the content, there are a lot subjects squeezed into 80 minutes - Afro-Colombian Christianity in its different forms, generation gap, the mix of modernity and traditions, bjustice and violence in contemporary Colombia - but these remain superficial.

  2. Imago Vanitas's rating of the film Siembra

    Visually perfectly solved, poetic although eventually bit estheticist, simbolic and moody. The carism desprended by Diego Balanta is superb. I've felt, nonetheless, a certain lack of pulse in the general rhythm, and an inconcretness, in a way blurry use of some simbolic imaginery.

  3. panagiotatos's rating of the film Siembra

    weak plot, emotionless movie.5/10

  4. msmichel's rating of the film Siembra

    Well made fiction debut from documentarians Rojas and Alvarez not so far removed from the work of Pedro Costa. The film is a story of urban immigration and the ruralisation of city centres in Colombia as armed conflict and rural backgrounds change migratory patterns. Storyline is slight but the visual poetry of the image is present. The type of film born to play Locarno.

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  6. smec's rating of the film Siembra

    Some of the shots are extremely poetical and powerful and, combined with beautiful songs, create a sense of atemporality and symbolism. I wish the directors hadn't aimed at introducing a narrative story into the movie, because it is done so badly that it weakens the more symbolic side and shapes the movie into a questionable form.

  7. Dag Kaszlikowski's rating of the film Siembra

    A gripping, realistic story about love as it is. Beautifully filmed and acted. One of the best films I've ever watched.

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  9. Juana La Iguana's rating of the film Siembra

  10. Jacques de Villiers's rating of the film Siembra

    In many ways a contemporary and entirely relevant update of neorealism's concerns and aesthetics. A subtle cinema of bodies, with a toweringly impotent lead performance by Diego Balanta. The last twenty minutes (and the dancing) make the occasionally idle patches in the rest of the movie completely worth it.

  11. zoerose's rating of the film Siembra

    *Soon poetry invaded me* The magical realism of 'Siembra' is that it opens a window for the spectator to the Afro-Latin culture of Colombia through the story of a dispossessed man and his son, due to the civil war, and their struggle in the refugee camp. The movie is quite poetically made -love the black and white cinematography- but there is this feeling that something is missing to make it truly mesmerizing.

  12. Cronopio Tropecista's rating of the film Siembra

  13. SYSWPG's rating of the film Siembra

    Certainly a different take on a "Christmas" movie. Great lead performance. Some beautiful imagery

  14. juanovillegas's rating of the film Siembra

    With a peaceful pace, this film gives a wonderful and poetical sight of the suffering of many people in and out of Colombia. Great film!

  15. Flor's rating of the film Siembra

    Cuánta nostalgia y lejanía.

  16. JUDITH MARTÍN DE HEVIA's rating of the film Siembra


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  18. Laura Marina Boria's rating of the film Siembra