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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Nathan Goldman's rating of the film Signature Move

    lil sad to see the peculiarities of Reeder's style diluted somewhat by someone else's script but this story could not have come just from her obv. at times the heavily landing jokes or symbolism feel characteristic of Reeder's blunt emotional directness, at times they feel more generally like clunky writing... I miss the surrealism of Reeder's shorts that normally allows those moments to work as well as they do

  2. Sarah Fonseca's rating of the film Signature Move

    Queer filmmakers take note! This is how you make a genre romantic comedy that speaks to an intersectional feminist perspective while being accessible & challengingly universal. Film junkies and abuelas alike will appreciate the gentle nods to Bollywood & Telenovela cinema; what a treat to see Shabana Azmi, all these years after Deepa Mehta's culturally incendiary FIRE. Strong debut performances by Mirza & Sanchez.