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  1. Jose Sarmiento Hinojosa's rating of the film Silence

    Scorsese's best film from the last 20 years. A quiet, meditative masterpiece that will bore and annoy the hell out of the unprepared, pop-corn consuming audience.

  2. Anna Filodor's rating of the film Silence

    stunning renunciation part, but all the rest is tiresome boring

  3. MisterColo93's rating of the film Silence

  4. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Silence

    Accettata l'inspiegabile anglofonia dei portoghesi, mi sono reso conto che sarebbe potuto essere uno di quei film belli, ma belli davvero, se non fosse stato per la necessità di Scorsese di rendere tutto più digeribile rispetto al capolavoro originale di Shinoda. Vanno ringraziati il soggetto giapponese originale e la ricca fotografia di Prieto per la valutazione finale positiva. Una grossa occasione non sfruttata.

  5. Graveyard Poet's rating of the film Silence

    Scorsese's most spiritual film--a more mature and serious Scorsese than the absurd DiCaprio collaborations (The Departed and Wolf of Wall St. are his most overblown and worst movies.) There are moments in this story which are moving, however, the entire experience leans too heavily on austerity and theological debates. Mean Streets is still Martin's best because it embraces both the sacred and the sordid.

  6. Saaam's rating of the film Silence

    powerful story ... beautiful cinematography ... masterpiece in direction

  7. Nathan Silva's rating of the film Silence

    Visually beautiful, painfully boring.

  8. rainarakhma's rating of the film Silence

    The rating i represent for the beauty of the cinematography (who i think the best point in this film) despite the story maybe too slow and some part maybe unnecessary but i think its represent the novel very well (I read that novel too).

  9. bibonoaozora's rating of the film Silence

  10. jonijtr's rating of the film Silence

    there's too many things gone wrong in such "25 years" passion project, but therefore, you can see Scorsese's verve in this character-study epic, flawed masterpiece (sadly, a pretty big flaw)

  11. Jérôme's rating of the film Silence

    Shin'Ya Tsukamoto bordel

  12. Arthur Freitas's rating of the film Silence

    Grand in both of it scope and themes, Scorsese's SILENCE is an amazing showcase of the director ability to create an epic film. But, as any passion project, it shows the problems of Scorsese love for the subject: it lacks focus and it don't do justice for its great themes. It's a bumpy, pretty ride.

  13. Stefano De Putti's rating of the film Silence

    Molto bella la prima ora e mezza, un po' deludente la conclusione, purtroppo

  14. David Sindmark Hörnfeldt's rating of the film Silence

    A masterwork, despite itself. I'm, heretically, not too fond of Scorsese but his script here is powerful enough to make him go as austere as he can. It just melded itself into my mind. A story of not just religion but conviction of any ideology. A glorious reaction to the postmodernism of our time.

  15. reyda.ozaltug's rating of the film Silence

    4 stars for cinematography..

  16. Levi Miah's rating of the film Silence

    In foregoing his usual attention to technical cleanliness, Scorsese - now taking risks - finally blossoms. The construction serves the emotions of the protagonist over the plot. Expressionistic sound design - from high noise floors to total silence - and the repetitive and elongated nature of the structure pay off emotionally. It's all brought together by masterful visuals channeling classic Japanese cinema.

  17. bryanvmh's rating of the film Silence

  18. Nelson Núñez's rating of the film Silence

    Una película que plantea las exigencias, sacrificios, inquietudes y contradicciones inherentes a la fé. El desenlace se siente agotado y flojo. Sin embargo se trata de un título que se merecía una mejor recepción por su madurez y sobriedad. Notable la fotografía de Rodrigo Prieto. Las secuencias de torturas están rodadas magistralmente.

  19. samuele90's rating of the film Silence

    Ci sta la versione senza didascalismi, tipo la voce di Cristo o la camera che entra nella bara (e si ferma sul fuoco)?

  20. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Silence

    Decapitate me and film the trail of blood that follows my lifeless body as I'm dragged away.

  21. patríciapinho's rating of the film Silence

    terribly boring but visually stunning. but my main concern is; why do people still make content based on religion? petition to forget this all ever happened instead of glorifying it. this is why the aliens want nothing to do with us - because we kill each other over different imaginary friends and create art about it. AND GARFIELD HAS THE WORST PORTUGUESE ACCENT IN HISTORY

  22. Jack Hoehn's rating of the film Silence

    Bloated and theologically uninteresting (which obv would not be an issue if it didn't seem to think itself otherwise). Still, it has its moments

  23. Lance L O T's rating of the film Silence

    So when a film tells more of the culture aspect and the idea it brings with it, has it fulfilled its role as a film? This is the question I put forward in this text. The idea behind the film is quite new and fresh, dealing with spirituality from a cultural point of view, which is quite good, but is that enough. Wonderful cinematography and great acting, but there's something missing to wow us. Is the idea enough?

  24. Denise Moriya's rating of the film Silence

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