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  1. Photo of Calvito Leal

    Calvito Leal Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Cláudio Manoel

    Cláudio Manoel Director, Screenplay Producer

  3. Photo of Micael Langer

    Micael Langer Director, Screenplay Producer

  4. Photo of Ricardo Cravo Albin

    Ricardo Cravo Albin Self

  5. Photo of Chico Anysio

    Chico Anysio Self

  6. Photo of Boninho

    Boninho Self

  7. Photo of Sérgio Cabral

    Sérgio Cabral Self

  8. Photo of Castrinho

    Castrinho Self

  9. Photo of Gustavo Hadba

    Gustavo Hadba Cinematography

  10. Photo of Berna Ceppas

    Berna Ceppas Music

  11. Photo of Lorena Bondarovsky

    Lorena Bondarovsky Producer

  12. Photo of Raul Schmidt

    Raul Schmidt Producer

  13. Photo of Roberto Berliner

    Roberto Berliner Producer

  14. Photo of Pedro Duran

    Pedro Duran Editing

  15. Photo of Karen Akerman

    Karen Akerman Editing