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  1. Photo of Deeya Maskey

    Deeya Maskey Cast

  2. Photo of Nisha Adhikari

    Nisha Adhikari Cast

  3. Photo of Saugat Malla

    Saugat Malla Cast

  4. Photo of Bashundara Bhushal

    Bashundara Bhushal Cast

  5. Photo of Nirmal Nisar

    Nirmal Nisar Cast

  6. Photo of Rajendra Man Shakya

    Rajendra Man Shakya Cast

  7. Photo of Laxmi Giri

    Laxmi Giri Cast

  8. Photo of Sara Cornu

    Sara Cornu Cinematography

  9. Photo of Sylvain Morizet

    Sylvain Morizet Music

  10. Photo of Virginie Lacombe

    Virginie Lacombe Producer

  11. Photo of Raphaël Berdugo

    Raphaël Berdugo Producer

  12. Photo of Subarna Thapa

    Subarna Thapa Producer, Director Screenplay

  13. Photo of Sylvie Gadmer

    Sylvie Gadmer Editing

  14. Photo of Charlotte Butrak

    Charlotte Butrak Sound

  15. Photo of Benoît Hery

    Benoît Hery Sound