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  1. Bob's rating of the film Spring

    Imposing camera angles, long shots that are entertaining to watch and actors that seem like ordinary people - all of this indicates an art film. Nevertheless, it's surprisingly accessible and dynamic with the plot that goes in unexpected directions. But, somewhere in the middle, it looses it course and there's no more story to tell; only pointless dialogues. And that becomes challenging to sit through.

  2. DenoResandono's rating of the film Spring

    Whoa! What the f*ck did just saw? Honestly, I had no idea about how to describe this movie. At first, SPRING seems like a family drama movie. About a man who just lost his mother and had a problem in his work. A few minutes later, SPRING turned into a romance. It began to feels like BEFORE TRILOGY. About a couple who talked about everything. Then, SPRING turned again into a supernatural horror movie. What the f*ck?

  3. Josh the Bookseller's rating of the film Spring

  4. Pango's rating of the film Spring

    After 2000 years of immortality, genetic alteration, metamorphosis, tentacles, and lots of random pseudo-scientific crap, she feels in love with a random uninteresting NOBODY in POLIGNANO AL MARE??? Are we serious?

  5. bulgrin's rating of the film Spring

    I would rather give it a 4 for its visual execution and atmosphere, but the acting is not superiour though still ok. So this a 3.5 film and definitely worth to watch.

  6. wiwitaek's rating of the film Spring

    Body horror version of Varda's Cleo From 5 To 7

  7. BernardoL's rating of the film Spring

    Um filme super original com um tom quase que único. O filme é dificil de descrever pois mistura elementos de vários géneros e rompe com as expectativas da sua própria narrativa. A cinematografia e a banda sonora são fantásticas e Lou Taylor Pucci dá uma excelente performance no papel do protagonista.

  8. Adham T. Fusama's rating of the film Spring

    3,5. I love the characters and their chemistry. Wouldn't consider it as a horror movie, tho

  9. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Spring

    Kind of annoyingly pedantic, after a while. But the charm of the characters, and crass cross-cultural humor will probably win more than a few people over. I can't say the film isn't cohesive, either.

  10. Wee Hunk's rating of the film Spring

    Ok, ok. I lied, ok. But what would you have done if I told you the truth?

  11. Neide Ramos's rating of the film Spring

    Even in its more nonsense and horror/fantasy moments, it had a lot more potential if it didn't try so hard to explain those in a logical way. The Italian landscapes are breathtaking, but it also had me paying particular attention to all the bugs and dead animals that occasionally had their spotlight in the film. The last 40-50 minutes were a mess, it became a way too cheesy love story with a non desired happy ending.

  12. ig_____or's rating of the film Spring

    This is filled with ups and downs. Visually, it's an amazing postcard of the Italian coast... Damn I'm wishing so badly to go there someday. All the bugs and somewhat macabre frames were nice too. But then the monster story got weak because they tried to explain it and provide some sort of scientific justification to something that should have remained a mystery. Also... killing men is OK, but kitties and bunnies?!

  13. ΞRIC B∆D TASTΞ's rating of the film Spring

    it starts very good & different - but the last 40 minutes are way too cheesy & lengthy.

  14.'s rating of the film Spring

    actually this is great, but.... i just didn't get it

  15. film_lies101's rating of the film Spring

    One of best films of 14' It does drag in spots and it's probably about a 1/2 hour too long. The sweetness got to me though

  16. Pymo's rating of the film Spring

    American, let me show you History...

  17. milkfloat's rating of the film Spring

    oooh fuck me i'm so philosophical

  18. filmcapsule's rating of the film Spring

    The film takes great pains to draw a roundabout metaphor from its horror elements back to the idea of love, and back, therefore, to a simple romance. It's as a romance that I think the film ultimately fail. Hindered by two game but ultimately flat performances, there's no real chemistry between the two leads. My suspicion is that the long flirtation scenes read well on the page but they don't come to life on screen.

  19. chuiperdue's rating of the film Spring

  20. Matt Richards's rating of the film Spring

    Spring feels like a hybrid of a romance and a travelogue with the tiniest bit of monster flick mixed in for good measure. There are moments of fresh, truthful dialogue and an attempt to examine the perception of identity which play quite well. The visual aesthetic is a bit raw and feels at odds at times with the storytelling but overall it all feels quite fresh. 3 stars

  21. Leroy Martin's rating of the film Spring

    it's not great but it's ambitious and sweet (3.5)

  22. Michael Garmonsway's rating of the film Spring

    Terrible acting, boring lighting and mise en scene, and the premise gets ridiculous by the end. The only pluses are the performance of the farmer, and the cool pops of red around the frame.

  23. eek's rating of the film Spring

    Before Sunrise with a horror twist

  24. el.'s rating of the film Spring

    beautifully filmed, the camera is amazing. along with the dialogue, scenery and a nice touch of humor and emotion, it all contributes to the positive impressions which this film produced.

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