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  1. Tibulle85's rating of the film Stand by Me

    (Vukekpar/leweb) R. Reiner adapte S. King dans l'un de ses récits archétypaux sur la fin de l'innocence d'une bande d'amis dans une bourgade américaine paumée face à des évènements dramatiques. Il y a bien sûr un fort sentiment de déjà-vu pour quiconque est familier des adaptations de l'écrivain (beaucoup de parenté par ex. avec la plus récente adaptation de "ça") ms le tout reste diablement efficace et bien réalisé.

  2. Leila Morris's rating of the film Stand by Me

    Beautiful scenery and I love how we get a real feeling of nostalgia from the way the future of the boys' friendship and own lives is narrated while we can see them as twelve-year-old, best friends in the film. + soundtrack is fun, and themes around difficult family relationships very honest

  3. Superfrog's rating of the film Stand by Me

    I have read the ink on paper version ofthe story which left lasting memory. The tone and plot dynamics for the film version did not work on me.

  4. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Stand by Me

    This film falls short of perfection, but only just. Leads are superb, individual episodes through the main narrative strand work well, and there are numerous poignant moments that haven't lost their power in the intervening years. In fact, they have grown more powerful for viewers, like myself, who can consider the loss of innocence, and loss of life, that has since impacted on a lot of the main players.

  5. jurism's rating of the film Stand by Me

    2.5 I can agree with one reviewer who said that boys in this film are more of an older person's idea of how kids are like. Some of the dialogues are stifled and therefore not particularly credible. Otherwise ok.

  6. Djos's rating of the film Stand by Me

    I never watched this as a kid so wasn't blinkered by nostalgia while watching it. Enjoyable enough and definitely some powerful performances, by Phoenix in particular. But that ending is as bad and cringe-inducing as any I've ever seen..

  7. tinderness's rating of the film Stand by Me

    Ich kann dem Film nichts Sensationelles abgewinnen, außer gutem Handwerk und dem traurigen Augenaufschlag älterer Männer, die an ihre Kindheit denken. Aber vielleicht reicht das ja für einen Publikumserfolg. Pathos gibt es ja genug darin.

  8. Christofi Cotonou's rating of the film Stand by Me

    It's entertaining. Goonies-style adventure or some unfinished business is missing from the pot. It sort of just wraps itself up. I guess I'm like the disappointed kids after the story of 'Lard Ass'. Not as dark as I'd have hoped.

  9. Ross's rating of the film Stand by Me

    Remember that summer when you were 12 and...

  10. Kelvin Thompson's rating of the film Stand by Me

    3-4. A touching odyssey, wherein several friends make their way to encounter an image of themselves as 'dead'. It's as much a paean to the inherent adventure of being a child as it is an elegy for youth, in all its vividness, heightened by the nostalgia of a man trailing the tracks of life. Special mention goes to the actors, and to an ending that's strikingly honest about the symptoms of being alive.

  11. theminiwitch's rating of the film Stand by Me

    Glad I finally saw this classic coming-of-age story, a surprisingly complex portrayal of boyhood, a moving exloration of loss, innocence and youth. Although I found the voice-over a little intrusive at times, I couldn't expect more quotable lines (""What the hell is Goofy?")

  12. Tja's rating of the film Stand by Me

    For once, King avoided his usual doorstop tome for a short story or novella format. One consequence is that most of the original finds its way into this eighty-nine minute, engrossing, humorous-sad, rural coming of age story. This is a slice of time for the adolescent boys who will never sustain their joshing friendship into adulthood, as the coda reveals. Vivid cinema.

  13. Greg's rating of the film Stand by Me

    Quite simply, the best film about kids ever made.

  14. matthew_roberts's rating of the film Stand by Me

    Too many rewatches over the years have deteriorated what I get out of this film to the point that I'm not particularly moved any more. Still, I recognise it as a charming and sincere portrait of youth and an exploration of innocence and maturity. It's a shame that there's little to really appreciate beyond the naturalistic performances, especially of Wheaton and Phoenix, and gorgeous scenery

  15. eleanor's rating of the film Stand by Me

    I can understand how this film is important and affecting for boys and men, and the kids act well - but it falls flat for me as a woman viewer. It didn’t say anything about girl-childhood or adolescent and there are no more than two sentences spoke by a woman in the whole film. The cinematography captures the landscape well but beyond that, it is simultaneously too masculine and a little too saccharine for my taste.

  16. DanielSpeight's rating of the film Stand by Me

  17. Ayesha Casely-Hayford's rating of the film Stand by Me

    Rob Reiner. Legend. Stephen King. Legend. / Gordie - "I'll see ya" / Chris - "Not if I see you first." / I never had any friends later on like the ones I had when I was 12. Jesus. Does anyone. /

  18. conny's rating of the film Stand by Me

    over hyped. the film looks lovely but the acting is second class. it comes across as quite amateurish. I wasn't convinced at all. I fell asleep part way through and woke up realising id missed nothing. there is an uneasy mix of light comedy and serious drama that do not gel together. tension is broken by comedy, like the pie eating scene. it has no place in the film at all. very light weight and clunky.

  19. Rita Moreira's rating of the film Stand by Me

    The King of Coming-of-Age movies. Pun intended.

  20. Aaken's rating of the film Stand by Me

    The epitome of the coming-of-age films. It is impossible not to be affected by this tale of childhood. And it is even sadder in retrospect to think how River Phoenix's life was struck as it was rising. This makes me cherish the film even more.

  21. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Stand by Me

    A brilliantly told coming-of-age story based upon true elements from writer Stephen King's own years as a teenager. The film is full of young actors who would become famous all in their own right. Good period rock music. Some nail-biting moments especially the train sequence stand out. It is still one of the better adaptations based upon King's material as his best films has always been his most grounded ones.

  22. patríciapinho's rating of the film Stand by Me

    i was looking for "call me by your name" but stumbled upon "stand by me" instead which is a swell enough young gay coming-of-age replacement film

  23. Alvise Narduzzi's rating of the film Stand by Me

    Mentre prometto di concedergli una seconda visione, non riesco a fare a meno di dire che l'ho trovato piatto e narrativamente debole. Il soggetto è originale, la realizzazione meno, tutto a causa di un susseguirsi di scene più o meno accativanti, ma tutte prevedibili, finale compreso. Peccato per la performance di River Phoenix e la novella di King, la quale sono sicuro sia più valida del suo adattamento filmico.

  24. blkrchs's rating of the film Stand by Me

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