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  1. Photo of Tomás Gutiérrez Alea

    Tomás Gutiérrez Alea Director

  2. Photo of Juan Carlos Tabío

    Juan Carlos Tabío Director

  3. Photo of Senel Paz

    Senel Paz Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jorge Perugorría

    Jorge Perugorría Cast

  5. Photo of Vladimir Cruz

    Vladimir Cruz Cast

  6. Photo of Mirta Ibarra

    Mirta Ibarra Cast

  7. Photo of Francisco Gattorno

    Francisco Gattorno Cast

  8. Photo of Joel Angelino

    Joel Angelino Cast

  9. Photo of Marilyn Solaya

    Marilyn Solaya Cast

  10. Photo of Mario García Joya

    Mario García Joya Cinematography

  11. Photo of José María Vitier

    José María Vitier Music

  12. Photo of Fernando Pérez O'Reilly

    Fernando Pérez O'Reilly Production Design

  13. Photo of Nacho Cobo

    Nacho Cobo Producer

  14. Photo of Juan Muñoz

    Juan Muñoz Producer

  15. Photo of Georgina Balzaretti

    Georgina Balzaretti Executive Producer

  16. Photo of Frank Cabrera

    Frank Cabrera Executive Producer

  17. Photo of Camilo Vives

    Camilo Vives Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Osvaldo Donatién

    Osvaldo Donatién Editing

  19. Photo of Rolando Martínez

    Rolando Martínez Editing

  20. Photo of Miriam Talavera

    Miriam Talavera Editing

  21. Photo of Germinal Hernández

    Germinal Hernández Sound

  22. Photo of Miriam Dueñas

    Miriam Dueñas Costume Design