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  1. Photo of David Chilton

    David Chilton Screenplay

  2. Photo of Barbara-Anne Steegmuller

    Barbara-Anne Steegmuller Screenplay, Producer, Director

  3. Photo of Tristan Chaika

    Tristan Chaika Cinematography

  4. Photo of Max Carter

    Max Carter Cast

  5. Photo of Eric L. Haney

    Eric L. Haney Cast

  6. Photo of Jeff W. Jones

    Jeff W. Jones Cast

  7. Photo of Karen Kwiatkowski

    Karen Kwiatkowski Cast

  8. Photo of Noam Chomsky

    Noam Chomsky Cast

  9. Photo of Morgan Reynolds

    Morgan Reynolds Cast

  10. Photo of Robert Griffiths

    Robert Griffiths Cast

  11. Photo of William Blum

    William Blum Cast

  12. Photo of Victor Archibong

    Victor Archibong Cast

  13. Photo of Harvey M. Sapolsky

    Harvey M. Sapolsky Cast

  14. Photo of Jack Hoffmann

    Jack Hoffmann Cast

  15. Photo of Chalmers Johnson

    Chalmers Johnson Cast

  16. Photo of Sergei Khrushchev

    Sergei Khrushchev Cast

  17. Photo of Rich May

    Rich May Cast

  18. Photo of Howard Coble

    Howard Coble Cast

  19. Photo of Kathe Latham

    Kathe Latham Cast

  20. Photo of Kathy Kelly

    Kathy Kelly Cast

  21. Photo of Sarah K. Lischer

    Sarah K. Lischer Cast

  22. Photo of Ole Holsti

    Ole Holsti Cast

  23. Photo of Dave Wiggins

    Dave Wiggins Cast

  24. Photo of April Najjaj

    April Najjaj Cast

  25. Photo of Miriam Cooke

    Miriam Cooke Cast

  26. Photo of Cindy Sheehan

    Cindy Sheehan Cast

  27. Photo of Tadeusz Grygier

    Tadeusz Grygier Cast

  28. Photo of Deena Burris

    Deena Burris Cast

  29. Photo of Michel Chossudovsky

    Michel Chossudovsky Cast

  30. Photo of Adriana Cortez-Jimenez

    Adriana Cortez-Jimenez Cast

  31. Photo of Mark Rudd

    Mark Rudd Cast

  32. Photo of Jennifer Rudinger

    Jennifer Rudinger Cast

  33. Photo of Katy Harriger

    Katy Harriger Cast

  34. Photo of John Edwards

    John Edwards Cast

  35. Photo of Henry E. Frye

    Henry E. Frye Cast

  36. Photo of Michael Diiorio

    Michael Diiorio Editing

  37. Photo of Christy Johnson

    Christy Johnson Music, Cast

  38. Photo of Mark Perry

    Mark Perry Music

  39. Photo of Christopher Gaines

    Christopher Gaines Sound