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1,115 Ratings


Directed by Alfred Hitchcock
United States, 1941
Thriller, Mystery


A shy young English woman marries a charming gentleman, then begins to suspect him of trying to kill her.

Suspicion Directed by Alfred Hitchcock

Awards & Festivals

Academy Awards

1942 | Winner: Best Actress in a Leading Role

1942 | 2 nominations including: Best Picture

New York Film Critics Circle Awards

1941 | Winner: Best Actress

Kinema Junpo Awards

1948 | Winner: Best Foreign Language Film

What are people saying?

  • Zac Weber's rating of the film Suspicion

    This is a middle-tier Hitchcock entry—neither a probing examination of marriage nor a brooding thriller wrapped in social commentary. The mystery simmers and simmers, then fizzles. The romantic elements are shallow while the ending makes the mounting suspense feel aimless in hindsight. Hitchcock certainly has a way with mise en scene, especially with interior sets.

  • Pedro Zambujo's rating of the film Suspicion

    Yeah, the ending might not be what Hitch (and everyone) wanted, but it's pretty effective. Just like in "The Lodger", nothing is really solved, we're still doubtful after the final scene. Also, loved that glass of milk.

  • RITA's rating of the film Suspicion

    It's a shame that sometimes Hitchcock's earliest films are overshadowed by the most popular ones. From all of his films I've watched this is definitely my favourite. It's constantly between happiness and despair, clarity and suspicion, and the audience really feels a part of the story. Hitchcock gives us space to take our conclusions but at the same time always living us in doubt. And Cary Grant feeds the suspanse!

  • NICOLE86's rating of the film Suspicion

    I kind of would have liked Lina drinking the milk (as it was originally filmed). I kind of felt the ending was a cop out.

  • Maudy Puteri Agusdina's rating of the film Suspicion

    3.5/5. Usual Hitchcock's material : the beauty of troubled women, between fantasy and insecurity, romance and fear, closest to Marnie (shy woman with family issues). Hitchcock made a deep psychological love story between two difficult person in marriage but we can't deny that the original story seems more pretty interesting issue to see, an irony that can be the best film about marriage.

  • sapta's rating of the film Suspicion

    First Fontaine abruptly falls in love with Grant, then the sudden ending. The plot doesn't exactly flow as smoothly as I would have liked. Feels like it could have been much better. Lead characters are great surely. Can't help loving Joan Fontaine and Cary Grant seems simple but capable of anything.

  • MarcH's rating of the film Suspicion

    The ending is what it is (and I'd hereby like to stick my tongue out at all those people who think the Production Code was good for the movies, because it forced creative/"artistic" compromises...this film pretty much blows that theory to bits). I love that everything feels like some radio melodrama...its all very lush and romantic.

  • H. Jackson's rating of the film Suspicion

    A film that builds and builds and is then neutered entirely by its ending. There are a number of standout sequences and moments and some fine central performances by Grant and Fontaine but, given the weak ending, the pacing and structure is out of whack. The middle section slowly and carefully lays a web of suspicion, which is fine if it is paid off...but it is not.

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