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  1. Photo of Ching Siu-Tung

    Ching Siu-Tung Director

  2. Photo of Stanley Tong

    Stanley Tong Director

  3. Photo of Hark Tsui

    Hark Tsui Producer and Screenplay

  4. Photo of Louis Cha

    Louis Cha Screenplay

  5. Photo of Chan Tin-suen

    Chan Tin-suen Screenplay

  6. Photo of Tang Pik-yin

    Tang Pik-yin Screenplay

  7. Photo of Lau Moon-Tong

    Lau Moon-Tong Cinematography

  8. Photo of Jet Li

    Jet Li Cast

  9. Photo of Brigitte Lin

    Brigitte Lin Cast

  10. Photo of Michelle Reis

    Michelle Reis Cast

  11. Photo of Waise Lee

    Waise Lee Cast

  12. Photo of Rosamund Kwan

    Rosamund Kwan Cast

  13. Photo of Chin Kar-lok

    Chin Kar-lok Cast

  14. Photo of Fennie Yuen

    Fennie Yuen Cast

  15. Photo of Yen Shi-Kwan

    Yen Shi-Kwan Cast

  16. Photo of Shun Lau

    Shun Lau Cast

  17. Photo of Yu On-on

    Yu On-on Cast

  18. Photo of Cheung Kwok-Leung

    Cheung Kwok-Leung Cast

  19. Photo of Wong Chi-Yeung

    Wong Chi-Yeung Cast

  20. Photo of Marco Mak

    Marco Mak Editing

  21. Photo of James Leung

    James Leung Production Design

  22. Photo of Chung Yee-Fung

    Chung Yee-Fung Production Design

  23. Photo of Richard Yuen

    Richard Yuen Music

  24. Photo of William Chang

    William Chang Costume Design