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  1. Photo of Valentin Vaala

    Valentin Vaala Director

  2. Photo of Matti Schreck

    Matti Schreck Producer

  3. Photo of Jalmari Finne

    Jalmari Finne Screenplay

  4. Photo of Nisse Hirn

    Nisse Hirn Screenplay

  5. Photo of Yrjö Kivimies

    Yrjö Kivimies Screenplay

  6. Photo of Orvo Saarikivi

    Orvo Saarikivi Screenplay

  7. Photo of Armas Hirvonen

    Armas Hirvonen Cinematography

  8. Photo of Olavi Reimas

    Olavi Reimas Cast

  9. Photo of Sirkka Sari

    Sirkka Sari Cast

  10. Photo of Vilho Auvinen

    Vilho Auvinen Cast

  11. Photo of Kerttu Salmi

    Kerttu Salmi Cast

  12. Photo of Uuno Laakso

    Uuno Laakso Cast

  13. Photo of Valentin Vaala

    Valentin Vaala Editing

  14. Photo of Kosti Aaltonen

    Kosti Aaltonen Production Design

  15. Photo of Ville Salminen

    Ville Salminen Production Design

  16. Photo of Felix Krohn

    Felix Krohn Music

  17. Photo of Pertti Kuusela

    Pertti Kuusela Sound

  18. Photo of Aarne Lampinen

    Aarne Lampinen Sound

  19. Photo of Iivari Jormakka

    Iivari Jormakka Costume Design