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  1. Photo of Marv Newland

    Marv Newland Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Gary Larson

    Gary Larson Screenplay

  3. Photo of J. Falconer

    J. Falconer Screenplay and Animation

  4. Photo of Kathleen Barr

    Kathleen Barr Cast

  5. Photo of Doug Parker

    Doug Parker Cast

  6. Photo of Lee Tockar

    Lee Tockar Cast

  7. Photo of Dale Wilson

    Dale Wilson Cast

  8. Photo of Bill Frisell

    Bill Frisell Music

  9. Photo of Dennis Heaton

    Dennis Heaton Producer

  10. Photo of Toni A. Carmichael

    Toni A. Carmichael Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Michael van den Bos

    Michael van den Bos Editing and Producer

  12. Photo of Sheldon Arnst

    Sheldon Arnst Animation

  13. Photo of Andy Bartlett

    Andy Bartlett Animation

  14. Photo of Alan Best

    Alan Best Animation

  15. Photo of Paul Boyd

    Paul Boyd Animation

  16. Photo of James M. Clow

    James M. Clow Animation

  17. Photo of Dan Collins

    Dan Collins Animation

  18. Photo of Michael Grimshaw

    Michael Grimshaw Animation

  19. Photo of Shelley McIntosh

    Shelley McIntosh Animation

  20. Photo of Eileen Middleton

    Eileen Middleton Animation

  21. Photo of Wayne Morris

    Wayne Morris Animation

  22. Photo of Dieter Mueller

    Dieter Mueller Animation and Screenplay

  23. Photo of John Pagan

    John Pagan Animation

  24. Photo of Hilary Phillips

    Hilary Phillips Animation

  25. Photo of Norm Roen

    Norm Roen Animation

  26. Photo of Chris Ross

    Chris Ross Animation

  27. Photo of Miles Vassos

    Miles Vassos Animation