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  1. Photo of Maximilian Schell

    Maximilian Schell Director, Screenplay Producer

  2. Photo of Christopher Hampton

    Christopher Hampton Screenplay

  3. Photo of Klaus König

    Klaus König Cinematography

  4. Photo of Dagmar Hirtz

    Dagmar Hirtz Editing

  5. Photo of Toni Stricker

    Toni Stricker Music

  6. Photo of Richard Strauss

    Richard Strauss Music

  7. Photo of Birgit Doll

    Birgit Doll Cast

  8. Photo of Hanno Pöschl

    Hanno Pöschl Cast

  9. Photo of Helmut Qualtinger

    Helmut Qualtinger Cast

  10. Photo of Jane Tilden

    Jane Tilden Cast

  11. Photo of Adrienne Gessner

    Adrienne Gessner Cast

  12. Photo of Götz Kauffmann

    Götz Kauffmann Cast

  13. Photo of André Heller

    André Heller Cast

  14. Photo of Norbert Schiller

    Norbert Schiller Cast

  15. Photo of Eric Pohlmann

    Eric Pohlmann Cast

  16. Photo of Robert Meyer

    Robert Meyer Cast

  17. Photo of Martha Wallner

    Martha Wallner Cast

  18. Photo of Walter Schmidinger

    Walter Schmidinger Cast

  19. Photo of Elisabeth Epp

    Elisabeth Epp Cast

  20. Photo of Lil Dagover

    Lil Dagover Cast

  21. Photo of Vadim Glowna

    Vadim Glowna Cast

  22. Photo of Vera Borek

    Vera Borek Cast

  23. Photo of Gerry Kronberger

    Gerry Kronberger Cast

  24. Photo of Maria Engelstorfer

    Maria Engelstorfer Cast

  25. Photo of Heinrich Starhemberg

    Heinrich Starhemberg Cast

  26. Photo of Manuela Dutter

    Manuela Dutter Cast

  27. Photo of Sissy Weiner

    Sissy Weiner Cast

  28. Photo of Ödön von Horvath

    Ödön von Horvath Screenplay