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  1. Photo of Ulli Lommel

    Ulli Lommel Director

  2. Photo of Michael Fengler

    Michael Fengler Producer

  3. Photo of Jürgen Jürges

    Jürgen Jürges Cinematography

  4. Photo of Kurt Raab

    Kurt Raab Cast, Screenplay Production Design

  5. Photo of Jeff Roden

    Jeff Roden Cast

  6. Photo of Margit Carstensen

    Margit Carstensen Cast

  7. Photo of Ingrid Caven

    Ingrid Caven Cast

  8. Photo of Wolfgang Schenck

    Wolfgang Schenck Cast

  9. Photo of Brigitte Mira

    Brigitte Mira Cast

  10. Photo of Rainer Hauer

    Rainer Hauer Cast

  11. Photo of Barbara Bertram

    Barbara Bertram Cast

  12. Photo of Rainer Werner Fassbinder

    Rainer Werner Fassbinder Cast, Producer Editing

  13. Photo of Jürgen Prochnow

    Jürgen Prochnow Cast

  14. Photo of El Hedi ben Salem

    El Hedi ben Salem Cast

  15. Photo of Thea Eymèsz

    Thea Eymèsz Editing

  16. Photo of Peer Raben

    Peer Raben Music

  17. Photo of Irm Hermann

    Irm Hermann Cast

  18. Photo of Wolfgang Schneider

    Wolfgang Schneider Cast

  19. Photo of Peter Chatel

    Peter Chatel Cast