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  1. Photo of Bernard Knowles

    Bernard Knowles Director

  2. Photo of Lindsay Anderson

    Lindsay Anderson Director

  3. Photo of Terence Fisher

    Terence Fisher Director

  4. Photo of Don Chaffey

    Don Chaffey Director

  5. Photo of Terry Bishop

    Terry Bishop Director

  6. Photo of Robert Day

    Robert Day Director

  7. Photo of Anthony Squire

    Anthony Squire Director

  8. Photo of Peter Seaborne

    Peter Seaborne Director

  9. Photo of Ralph Smart

    Ralph Smart Screenplay and Director

  10. Photo of Eric Heath

    Eric Heath Screenplay

  11. Photo of John Dysaon

    John Dysaon Screenplay

  12. Photo of Paul Symonds

    Paul Symonds Screenplay

  13. Photo of Neil R. Collins

    Neil R. Collins Screenplay

  14. Photo of Basil Dawson

    Basil Dawson Screenplay

  15. Photo of Leon Griffiths

    Leon Griffiths Screenplay

  16. Photo of Louis Marks

    Louis Marks Screenplay

  17. Photo of Philip Bolsover

    Philip Bolsover Screenplay

  18. Photo of Arthur Dales

    Arthur Dales Screenplay

  19. Photo of Peter Yeldham

    Peter Yeldham Screenplay

  20. Photo of Richard Greene

    Richard Greene Cast

  21. Photo of Archie Duncan

    Archie Duncan Cast

  22. Photo of Patricia Driscoll

    Patricia Driscoll Cast

  23. Photo of Bernadette O'Farrell

    Bernadette O'Farrell Cast

  24. Photo of Rufus Cruikshank

    Rufus Cruikshank Cast

  25. Photo of Ronald Howard

    Ronald Howard Cast

  26. Photo of Paul Eddington

    Paul Eddington Cast

  27. Photo of Alexander Gauge

    Alexander Gauge Cast

  28. Photo of Richard Coleman

    Richard Coleman Cast

  29. Photo of Alan Wheatley

    Alan Wheatley Cast

  30. Photo of Hubert Gregg

    Hubert Gregg Cast

  31. Photo of John Arnatt

    John Arnatt Cast

  32. Photo of Brian Haines

    Brian Haines Cast

  33. Photo of Donald Pleasence

    Donald Pleasence Cast

  34. Photo of Willoughby Gray

    Willoughby Gray Cast

  35. Photo of Simone Lovell

    Simone Lovell Cast

  36. Photo of Sidney Cole

    Sidney Cole Producer