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  1. Photo of Helmut Käutner

    Helmut Käutner Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Barbara Noack

    Barbara Noack Screenplay

  3. Photo of Heinz Pauck

    Heinz Pauck Screenplay

  4. Photo of Liselotte Pulver

    Liselotte Pulver Cast

  5. Photo of Paul Hubschmid

    Paul Hubschmid Cast

  6. Photo of Bernhard Wicki

    Bernhard Wicki Cast

  7. Photo of Wolfgang Lukschy

    Wolfgang Lukschy Cast

  8. Photo of Roland Kaiser

    Roland Kaiser Cast

  9. Photo of Rudolf Platte

    Rudolf Platte Cast

  10. Photo of Werner Finck

    Werner Finck Cast

  11. Photo of Erwin Linder

    Erwin Linder Cast

  12. Photo of Traute Carlsen

    Traute Carlsen Cast

  13. Photo of Gisela Peltzer

    Gisela Peltzer Cast

  14. Photo of Peter Franck

    Peter Franck Cast

  15. Photo of Hans Hermann

    Hans Hermann Cast

  16. Photo of Maria Sebaldt

    Maria Sebaldt Cast

  17. Photo of Marianne Hediger

    Marianne Hediger Cast

  18. Photo of Sibylle von Gymnich

    Sibylle von Gymnich Cast

  19. Photo of Carl Voscherau

    Carl Voscherau Cast

  20. Photo of Ursula Hoeflich

    Ursula Hoeflich Cast

  21. Photo of Elsbeth Gmür

    Elsbeth Gmür Cast

  22. Photo of Inge Windschild

    Inge Windschild Cast

  23. Photo of Anny Ondra

    Anny Ondra Cast

  24. Photo of Max Schmeling

    Max Schmeling Cast

  25. Photo of Sonja Ziemann

    Sonja Ziemann Cast

  26. Photo of Heinz Pehlke

    Heinz Pehlke Cinematography

  27. Photo of Michael Jary

    Michael Jary Music

  28. Photo of Albrecht Becker

    Albrecht Becker Production Design

  29. Photo of Herbert Kirchhoff

    Herbert Kirchhoff Production Design

  30. Photo of Gyula Trebitsch

    Gyula Trebitsch Producer

  31. Photo of Klaus Dudenhöfer

    Klaus Dudenhöfer Editing

  32. Photo of Werner Schlagge

    Werner Schlagge Sound