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  1. Laura Chifiriuc's rating of the film The BFG

    I couldn't even make it till the end, such a snore...

  2. pirri's rating of the film The BFG

  3. SiIencio's rating of the film The BFG

    What a mess. Visually stunning but what a plonk of a script, how flimsy is the story. The film trudges through mud while looking at its own navel. While busy recreating the wonders of a dreamland Spielberg forgets to develop pace and purpose. Time goes by and simply fantastic animation techniques and sweet cute little carachters are not enough to counter-balance the tedium that starts engulfing it all.

  4. alexp's rating of the film The BFG

    One star and a half (the amount of hours this movie wasted on exposition...)

  5. João Luís Ribeiro's rating of the film The BFG

    Found this film a visual delight with some warm and touching storytelling. However, I felt it needn't have to be almost 2 hours long. Besides, there were a few parts where the story almost lost itself and the ending seemed way to rushed to me. On the bright side, it offered everything and more of what a film adaptation from a Roald Dahl's book should come up with.

  6. Marina's rating of the film The BFG

    I don't think one ever reaches an age where children movies stop being moving or funny (or both); yet, as much as I enjoyed the hour and something that I spent with BFG, it didn't thrill me as much as I was anticipating ever since the moment I first watched the trailer. There was something that wasn't captivating me, even though Sophie was amazing and I just love me some brave, endearing female protagonists.

  7. James Firns's rating of the film The BFG

    Bravo Mark Rylance ma il film è una merda Spielberg sei un maledetto ebreo

  8. Will Thede's rating of the film The BFG

    The VFX were wonky, the story was thin and the fart jokes were too much... but it's beautiful to behold and incredibly bizarre - a bizarre which I appreciated, but I understand some won't.

  9. merriell's rating of the film The BFG

    2.5. Adorable but ultimately empty.

  10. Ligia Prodan's rating of the film The BFG

  11. taniaburrito's rating of the film The BFG

  12. Jason's rating of the film The BFG

    Spielberg has a very methodical approach to the visual, and I can think of no recent movie that seems so much like an expert and literal translation of a very smart storyboard directly to the screen. What cannot be accounted for entirely by adherence to storyboard, however, is the role motion plays here (both of the camera and of characters within the mise-en-scène). And the whole thing is as sweet as it ought to be.

  13. Lance L O T's rating of the film The BFG

    I thoroughly enjoyed it. I have to say I watched it Portuguese dubbed and the screenplay dialogues hold true to the beauty of Dahl's book and his whimsical fascination with words. the film gets lost towards the end,but the dreams and the giant's laboratory were very good.The screenwriter was ET's, it's not the same, but it's a good film for children to immerse in screen magic, my nephews did, it's refreshing!

  14. JCPJD's rating of the film The BFG

    The first half is very dull. It takes a long time for anything like a plot to emerge. It's strange to think that a 'storyteller' like Spielberg would create something that seemed like a series of nice moments. The moments however are quite nice. there are some effecting moments...and my nieces liked it (aged 12 & 9) - but they didn't love it.

  15. Stephane Tanaka's rating of the film The BFG

    Beautiful photo and 3D, but what a bad pace

  16. Toby's rating of the film The BFG

    Steven Spielberg the Big Failed Giant. Has done better movies. The movie feels somehow shallow and free of fertile imagination. Only Mark Rylance's performance convinces - which is not enough to call it a great movie or family film.

  17. alimcintyre's rating of the film The BFG

    I took my grandchildren to view this mainly to see Mark Rylance. As ever he failed to disappoint. A wonderful debut by Ruby Barnhill propped up a clever but ultimately boring production.

  18. Sandy Connell's rating of the film The BFG

    Steven Spielberg's latest is a sweet, gently paced tribute to childhood fantasy, and a fitting swan song for screenwriter Melissa Mathison, whose screenplay achieves that rare feat of adding new material that helps the film's narrative without contradicting what made the book such a huge success. The BFG is also the subject of my first ever film podcast, which you can listen to on

  19. Bret Bynum's rating of the film The BFG

    Such a delightful film. I watched it with this childish giddy grin on my face as I appreciated the attention to detail in the effects, fell in love with every quirk and mannerism of the BFG, feared for Sophie's glasses, and got lost in the fantasy of having such a strange yet loving friend in a strange land. Only Spielberg can bring back that sense of childhood wonder that adult cynicism buries. Really excellent!

  20. Liliana Neves's rating of the film The BFG

    Visually stunning and a very expressive giant. That's it.

  21. Sebastião Barata's rating of the film The BFG

    Sometimes it's sweet, sometimes it's dumb. Sometimes it's entertaining, sometimes it's flat. Overall, it's an uneven movie, which is surprising since it is said it was one of Spielberg’s most beloved projects. I don’t really see that much love put into it. Sadly, the BFG is more like one of those by-the-numbers picture we soon forget about after we leave the theater.

  22. Charles Vignon's rating of the film The BFG

  23. catarinaafreitas's rating of the film The BFG

    Although some of the jokes were ???

  24. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film The BFG

    This film was supposedly Spielberg's passion project for years, but I don't really feel it. Yes, the special effects were good, and Mark Rylance was a good choice for the titular character. But, for a Roald Dahl adaptation, it's considerably lacking in charm, wit, interesting characters and places, and genuine enchantment. It's amazing how the people who made "E.T." could make something so generic.