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  1. Photo of Gerry O'Hara

    Gerry O'Hara Screenplay and Director

  2. Photo of Jackie Collins

    Jackie Collins Screenplay

  3. Photo of Joan Collins

    Joan Collins Cast

  4. Photo of John Ratzenberger

    John Ratzenberger Cast

  5. Photo of Ian Hendry

    Ian Hendry Cast

  6. Photo of Pamela Salem

    Pamela Salem Cast

  7. Photo of Sue Lloyd

    Sue Lloyd Cast

  8. Photo of Carolyn Seymour

    Carolyn Seymour Cast

  9. Photo of Kenneth Haigh

    Kenneth Haigh Cast

  10. Photo of Michael Coby

    Michael Coby Cast

  11. Photo of Mark Burns

    Mark Burns Cast

  12. Photo of Anthony Heaton

    Anthony Heaton Cast

  13. Photo of Maurice O'Connell

    Maurice O'Connell Cast

  14. Photo of George Sweeney

    George Sweeney Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Wight

    Peter Wight Cast

  16. Photo of Chris Jagger

    Chris Jagger Cast

  17. Photo of Doug Fisher

    Doug Fisher Cast

  18. Photo of Sharon Fussey

    Sharon Fussey Cast

  19. Photo of Alibe Parsons

    Alibe Parsons Cast

  20. Photo of Dennis C. Lewiston

    Dennis C. Lewiston Cinematography

  21. Photo of Biddu

    Biddu Music

  22. Photo of Malcolm Middleton

    Malcolm Middleton Production Design

  23. Photo of John Quested

    John Quested Producer

  24. Photo of Ronald S. Kass

    Ronald S. Kass Executive Producer

  25. Photo of Oscar Lerman

    Oscar Lerman Executive Producer

  26. Photo of Edward Simons

    Edward Simons Executive Producer

  27. Photo of Eddy Joseph

    Eddy Joseph Editing