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  1. Rocketeam's rating of the film The Blob

    These old B movies get a lot of flack for not actually being scary but the last line of the film was that the blob can’t be killed but at least it’s stopped “so long as the arctic stays frozen” and lemme tell you that is THE most terrifying line a viewer in 2018 could hear.

  2. SpacePirate's rating of the film The Blob

    Beautiful and bright colors, cool 50s locales and cars, a James Dean teen aesthetic, etc. Unfortunately, McQueen, a typically good to great actor, is completely wasted here. I love bad movies, but this one isnt even fun. Pretty to look at, yes, if you can stay awake through the run time. To quote Shaggy from Scooby Doo, "it's Dullsville". Don't understand how it has the reputation it does. 2 stars, maybe.

  3. Shea Hennum's rating of the film The Blob

    Only works because Steve McQueen is fundamentally unbelievable as a 16-year old.

  4. Benjamin Reid's rating of the film The Blob

    This has some cool special effects, but so much of it is tedious melodrama about whether or not the police believe the teenagers or not. The driving backwards scene at the beginning is kindof amusing because it's Steve McQueen, but so much of this movie seems boring and unnecessary. That's saying a lot considering it is only 83 minutes. The ending with its question mark might be the most interesting part of this mess

  5. Aaron C Jones's rating of the film The Blob

    Pleasantly surprising, I was expecting a trashy camp fest. I love how The Blob toys with the emotions of the viewers. Clearly made for a certain kind of theatergoing audience, there's constant references to "going to see a spooky show," about four different characters recommend going to the movies, heck the Blob itself is finally seen by the public at a movie theater!

  6. chazell's rating of the film The Blob

  7. George Bradley's rating of the film The Blob

  8. Inteleter's rating of the film The Blob

    Decent horror b-movie that definitely exceeded my expectations. Acting is fine and the effects hold up reasonably well. Overall was a nice bit of fun and an enjoyable way to spend 80 minutes

  9. jsimpsonator's rating of the film The Blob

    However long the release date has been, this film follows irritating cliches and predictable structure, the film although being a film icon, does not hold up into today's current film.

  10. Tom Hemingway's rating of the film The Blob

    Vapid and ridiculous (for better and for worse), The Blob isn't nearly as much fun as it should be but has enough cult-like charm to make it a film which one can regularly return to. McQueen isn't revelatory, and the story is stretched thin over the film's brief 80 minutes. Despite these flaws, the creature is brilliantly gross, the colours are vivid, and the film wonderfully evokes small-town teen life in the 1950s.

  11. MattWright's rating of the film The Blob

    I didn't expect to genuinely enjoy this film. Ignoring the occasionally sexist/'hysterical female' clique, The Blob had aged well with some surprisingly touching and comic moments. The 'novelty' theme tune is, in itself, rather enjoyable!

  12. sksksksk's rating of the film The Blob

    Anticipating global warming in an intelligent and daring way, Irvin S. Yeaworth Jr's "The Blob" sure provides some good thrills on a night with a nice gal and a bag of chips. In this essay I will

  13. Superfrog's rating of the film The Blob

    Terrible lines, off the grid farmer suspense, all pointing to an anti intellectual, agricultural target audience. I disagree with the message but I have to admit it is a surprisingly socialist symbolic take on anti communism.

  14. Shane Ewen's rating of the film The Blob

    You can never have enough blob.

  15. Nicolas Pierce's rating of the film The Blob

    And the blob would've gotten away with it too, if it weren't for those meddling kids! Goofy fun.

  16. Tja's rating of the film The Blob

    This blob punches well below its burgeoning weight. It's more about the filmic myth than the substance. Why are all the characters so slow to see and think? Even the legendary Steve McQueen looks nervous as if the director is about to sack him for being too dynamic. Just read a synopsis and move on

  17. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film The Blob

    The Blob starts off with a theme tune for the titular space blob that goes like this: "Beware of the blob, it creeps, And leaps and glides and slides, Across the floor, Right through the door, And all around the wall, A splotch, a blotch, Be careful of the blob". I was immediately won over.

  18. Stefan Drees's rating of the film The Blob

    Still funny to watch and to listen to the sometimes very silly dialogues: "... as long as the arctic stays cold..." So beware of climate change and the contemporary sequel... Besides, the Blobb evading the cinema is one of the most iconic scenes of B movies during the 1950s. And the title song is simply cute.

  19. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Blob

    Charming old-fashioned alien monster movie that became the one everyone copied for years afterwards. Fun practical effects. Great ending especially in this "The North pole is melting" age - What will happen then??? Sadly it is a film with boring acting where even the great Steve McQueen is miscast as a teenager (clearly in his mid thirties).

  20. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film The Blob

    It's silly how Steve McQueen played like some teen who sneaked out of his parents' house at night just to be with his loved one but ended up fighting a giant Jell-O from outer space.

  21. Guillermo Padilla's rating of the film The Blob

    Great silly scifi in technicolor!

  22. Nolan Barth's rating of the film The Blob

    Beware of the Blob! This is a campy, silly, low budget horror film from the 50s and it is an absolute blast! It is a bit dated and it's starting to show it's age, but that just adds to the film's charm in my opinion. It's cool to see Steve McQueen in one of his first movie roles. In my opinion, the Blob is one of the most iconic movie monsters to date! This is one hell of an entertaining watch.

  23. Eric Rucker's rating of the film The Blob

    This is a smart film. Scary, funny, builds on and sends up B-movies, delinquent films, anti-communist horror and sci-fi allegories, nostalgic small town dramas, you name it. Creepily earnest, too. Sure, it's not great literature or art, but plenty for a cinephile to have fun with. I love the black and white midnight spook show set in a world of Blue Velvet color, oozing red shadows. David Lynch and John Carpenter!

  24. Andrew Miller's rating of the film The Blob

    McQueen fiddles with his hands, squirms as if embarrassed by his own body, and/or the movie he is keeping afloat.

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