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  1. Stefan Drees's rating of the film The Blob

    Still funny to watch and to listen to the sometimes very silly dialogues: "... as long as the arctic stays cold..." So beware of climate change and the contemporary sequel... Besides, the Blobb evading the cinema is one of the most iconic scenes of B movies during the 1950s.

  2. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film The Blob

    Charming old-fashioned alien monster movie that became the one everyone copied for years afterwards. Fun practical effects. Great ending especially in this "The North pole is melting" age - What will happen then??? Sadly it is a film with boring acting where even the great Steve McQueen is miscast as a teenager (clearly in his mid thirties).

  3. Scorpio Velvet's rating of the film The Blob

    It's silly how Steve McQueen played like some teen who sneaked out of his parents' house at night just to be with his loved one but ended up fighting a giant Jell-O from outer space.

  4. Guillermo Padilla's rating of the film The Blob

    Great silly scifi in technicolor!

  5. Nolan Barth's rating of the film The Blob

    Beware of the Blob! This is a campy, silly, low budget horror film from the 50s and it is an absolute blast! It is a bit dated and it's starting to show it's age, but that just adds to the film's charm in my opinion. It's cool to see Steve McQueen in one of his first movie roles. In my opinion, the Blob is one of the most iconic movie monsters to date! This is one hell of an entertaining watch.

  6. Eric Rucker's rating of the film The Blob

    This is a smart film. Scary, funny, builds on and sends up B-movies, delinquent films, anti-communist horror and sci-fi allegories, nostalgic small town dramas, you name it. Creepily earnest, too. Sure, it's not great literature or art, but plenty for a cinephile to have fun with. I love the black and white midnight spook show set in a world of Blue Velvet color, oozing red shadows. David Lynch and John Carpenter!

  7. Andrew Miller's rating of the film The Blob

    McQueen fiddles with his hands, squirms as if embarrassed by his own body, and/or the movie he is keeping afloat.

  8. Michael Zyx MH Claes's rating of the film The Blob

    With a debutant named Steve Mc Queen

  9. fonzie's rating of the film The Blob

    really impressive special effects all around

  10. C'est Bastien's rating of the film The Blob

    One day, The Blob will come down from the Arctic and kill us all.

  11. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film The Blob

  12. bulgrin's rating of the film The Blob

    Pure trash, hilarious and dumb like "Killer Tomatoes" but absolute cult. And hey, it's got Steve(n) McQueen in it.

  13. El Biffo's rating of the film The Blob

    A 28-year old Steve McQueen (as "Steven McQueen") stars in this slightly better than average 1950's monster movie about a jelly-like blob that falls from outer space and tries to devour a "typical", all-white small American town. Suitable for 12-14 year-olds with lowbrow tastes. Or if you absolutely love Steve McQueen and need to see any piece of shlock he ever made. Why this is in the Criterion catalog is a mystery.

  14. Log Lady's rating of the film The Blob

    Not familiar with McQueen's work, but here he's boring (and probably miscasted as well, since he doesn't look at all like a teenager). One of those "I couldn't care less if he lives or dies" -protagonists. The jelly itself isn't that interesting either, although in theory it's an intriguing idea. The whole film is just in dire need of campy humour.

  15. runfromfire's rating of the film The Blob

    It's a little slow on the build but it's still a solid flick and all the original monster movie elements are there: snogging teenagers seeing the asteroid fall to earth, authority figures not believing the protagonist's story, last-minute deus ex machina resolution of the problem. Love it.

  16. Karthik's rating of the film The Blob

    Though Steve McQueen's knock-off of James Dean gets a bit de trop at times, this is surprisingly entertaining pro-teen shlock!

  17. CarlosEsquives's rating of the film The Blob

    Lo malo de "The blob" es que por momentos se filtran escenas sobrantes que incluso hasta se dilatan. Las escena del granjero con la masa y la invasión a un cine son lo mejor. La influencia para Carpenter está servida.

  18. saptarshi's rating of the film The Blob

    50s b movie kitsch is so 90s. Slackers get with the program already.

  19. Andrew Fong's rating of the film The Blob

    The Blob was recently the subject of an entertaining mini-documentary by James Rolfe. The docco follows the residents of Pheonixville, Pennsylvania during their annual "Blobfest". An amateur production but a good laugh. Find it here:

  20. Amy Sung's rating of the film The Blob

    Sometimes an idea in one's head is far more fantastic then when it's realized - this is the case with Blob. I don't think it should be a criterion classic. I wonder if people still likes the movie it Steve McQueen is not in it.

  21. M4rty's rating of the film The Blob

    A giant alien blob what the..? LOL . one of the criterion collection? unbelievable .

  22. T. J. Harman's rating of the film The Blob

    One of the better 50s technicolor, nuclear-paranoia, sci-fi disaster movies. It's fun but it's not "bad movie" fun in the way some people think though it is cheesy.

  23. Andy Cucumber's rating of the film The Blob

    Every scene in this movie is awkward

  24. codyhunter's rating of the film The Blob

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