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  1. captainfez's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    In Heaven, Everything's Meh.

  2. Il secondo maestro del revolver's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

  3. findfilm's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    We are challenged to go on a ride with the director's imagination through a time and place that can't quite be recognised. The reason becomes clear as our protagonist experiences life in a city where the food is bland, emotions are entirely false and from where any form of escape is impossible. The climax of the discovery of a wormhole to the real world leads to the ultimate punishment. Totally unique.

  4. Daniel's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    A fairly enjoyable movie that captures the sinister and narrow routine of 'normal life' from the well-trodden and pretentious perspective of the outlier-artist. Unlike other films that commit further to a dream-like reality, The Bothersome Man presents itself in such a way that the open ending felt more like an unfinished thought than a crafted question.

  5. Renton47's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    Apt title, this solipsistic film serves as an adaptation for how Karl Ove views the 9-5 world, only in place of his intense insight we have crass observations. An obvious attack on the petite bourgeoisie, this plays its hand way too early and never develops. Kind of succeeds in its '1984' by way of Microsoft '98 aesthetics, but 'Wristcutters' did this film better. I found this too charmless.

  6. Lexi Bass's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    Dreamy and surreal while firmly conceptually rooted in the unfortunate hell we've created out of our perfect society. The ending is both dark and comical and still oddly transcendent.

  7.'s rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    A divertingly deadpan fable of social machinery and dissent. As it keeps the satire compressed it might strike some as a little too sober. If you want to take a chance on something off centre give it a go.

  8. Dan's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    A dark comedy about a man searching for joy and happiness, and unable to find it in a dark world where he is filled with depression. This movie will leave you confused, but maybe interested enough to watch to the end, which you will most likely regret. I would not recommend watching this, while it may hold artistic qualities, it leaves to much unanswered, and unaccounted for.

  9. Erik F.'s rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    Quirky and light-hearted one moment, bleak and gruesome the next -- definitely a Scandinavian comedy! It's about the deadening effects of consumerist and corporate culture, as well as the vague and seemingly impossible search for true happiness (whatever that may mean). Humorous yet upsetting.

  10. Tiphaine Tatin de Lattre's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    Brilliant! The lead actor is excellent and the cinematography is just wow! This film should be a cult movie. I laughed for the first half of the film and was very receptive to all this absurdity, but the end made me cry and question certain things. Deeper than it seems. Bravo! This is typically this kind of films that make me renew my subscription to Mubi every month.

  11.'s rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    Dry Scandinavian humor with several discreet layers of absurdity and a dash of the surreal. Visually very well made; it is nice to have a film that also uses sound well. If it is a commentary on modern life and its lack of true sensory (and emotional) experiences, or if it is an investigation into life and afterlife, I know not. It is a film that I think Douglas Adams would have enjoyed. Fun and touching.

  12. 5000yearoldbogmummy//Rhett's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    A petite surrealist film on the fiction of the progressive-capitalist dream and its icon, the [masculine] subject of pleasure. Often visually striking. The last third is a sort of counterpoint to the first two-thirds. Occasionally "a bit much" or a bit too dry, but I really enjoyed the flatness of a lot of moments of this film. Andreas is both the subject of pleasure and the one who cannot be that subject.

  13. Bainery's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

  14. Eric Smith's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    I was bored as hell watching this, so I guess it's a pretty immersive movie.

  15. Landen Celano's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    A fantastic exploration of misplaced ideals, and what we lose when we stop the "pursuit" of happiness. The off-beat tone isn't for everyone, but those willing to delve down the rabbit hole will find many incredible and morbid treasures.

  16. Joe Pryweller's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    A world of Stepford Wives and corporate zombies does not a a movie make. Like these empty-eyed characters, there's nothing beneath the surface of these film. A chilly film without the absurdity or lightness to keep it from going into the deep freeze.

  17. Kyle Greenberg's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    Visual, ambiguous, bothersome - Jens Lien certainly makes you feel the same unease that Andreas (played by Trond Fausa) feels. Another brilliant performance by Fausa who's shown time & time again with Lilyhammer that he's got a great depth of drama and comedy. Performance mixed with a stylistic, dystopian backdrop, the last frame of The Bothersome Man made me wish there was more and, maybe that's a good thing.

  18. Ben Cannon's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    Strange and mysterious are not enough to sustain an entire film, alas. There are some nice visuals, and the foley recording is rather artistically disgusting, but beyond that it feels like a film with rather little to actually say. There are some homages to Tati's Play Time, which only help to showcase how The Bothersome Man fails to come within striking distance.

  19. mpho3's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    The 18th-century writer Jules Renard declared, “We are in the world to laugh. In purgatory or in hell we shall no longer be able to do so. And in heaven it would not be proper.” Seems an apt description of this film, though if I believed in heaven, I would think it would be filled with much more laughter than we get to enjoy in this life. I found the bleak ending appropriately rewarding. 3.5 stars.

  20. crystal meff's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

  21. rcrespin's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    Strange & Mysterious little film that keeps you intrigued throughout. Really a pleasure, like a short novel you can't put down.

  22. kate_etoile's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    dreamy coloring, dystopian plot, busses and deserted landscapes - urban and rural. lovely.

  23. Amanda's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    A movie that captures the rotten side of the wellness in a capitalist society and its sick optimism. After this I'm too a bothersome citizen.

  24. kokeshi's rating of the film The Bothersome Man

    Direi 2.5 Confesso che il film ha delle interessanti proiezioni e sa bene catturare l'attenzione dello spettatore ma è un rompicapo...come il cubo di Rubik. Non conosci il luogo, non conosci i personaggi, non conosci la loro provenienza. Niente. Riesci solo a comprendere che l'uomo, anche quando si trova nel luogo perfetto, non è mai del tutto felice.

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