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  1. SiIencio's rating of the film The Brickmakers

    Technical limitations aside, Los Chircales is a heartbreaking poignant document of the socio-economic malaise vast sectors of Latin-Americans have endured for centuries. Extreme poverty and lack of access to public services have contributed to maintaining the servitude of the poor towards a historic oligarchic system. The role of religion, implied tangentially here, has helped to underpin this subservient role.

  2. Stevie's rating of the film The Brickmakers

    Highly political in nature but seeing children doing backbreaking work and living in horrendous conditions would surely soften even the most hardest of hearts. This film is a cry for help, an exposé on injustice and a rallying call for all Colombian workers to unite. The photography by Jorge Silva is particularly impressive and the ending is haunting as a family leaves their home with nowhere to go.

  3. kartina obskura's rating of the film The Brickmakers

    and religion, as a voluntary slavery