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  1. Photo of John Guillermin

    John Guillermin Director

  2. Photo of Richard Yates

    Richard Yates Screenplay

  3. Photo of William Roberts

    William Roberts Screenplay

  4. Photo of Roger O. Hirson

    Roger O. Hirson Screenplay

  5. Photo of George Segal

    George Segal Cast

  6. Photo of Robert Vaughn

    Robert Vaughn Cast

  7. Photo of Ben Gazzara

    Ben Gazzara Cast

  8. Photo of Bradford Dillman

    Bradford Dillman Cast

  9. Photo of E.G. Marshall

    E.G. Marshall Cast

  10. Photo of Peter Van Eyck

    Peter Van Eyck Cast

  11. Photo of Hans Christian Blech

    Hans Christian Blech Cast

  12. Photo of Heinz Reincke

    Heinz Reincke Cast

  13. Photo of Joachim Hansen

    Joachim Hansen Cast

  14. Photo of Sonja Ziemann

    Sonja Ziemann Cast

  15. Photo of Anna Gaël

    Anna Gaël Cast

  16. Photo of Vít Olmer

    Vít Olmer Cast

  17. Photo of Bo Hopkins

    Bo Hopkins Cast

  18. Photo of Robert Logan

    Robert Logan Cast

  19. Photo of Matt Clark

    Matt Clark Cast

  20. Photo of Steve Sandor

    Steve Sandor Cast

  21. Photo of Frank Webb

    Frank Webb Cast

  22. Photo of Tom Heaton

    Tom Heaton Cast

  23. Photo of Paul Prokop

    Paul Prokop Cast

  24. Photo of Richard Münch

    Richard Münch Cast

  25. Photo of Günter Meisner

    Günter Meisner Cast

  26. Photo of Rudolf Kalina

    Rudolf Kalina Cast

  27. Photo of Rudolf Jelínek

    Rudolf Jelínek Cast

  28. Photo of Fritz Ford

    Fritz Ford Cast

  29. Photo of Pavel Solty

    Pavel Solty Cast

  30. Photo of Rolf Jahncke

    Rolf Jahncke Cast

  31. Photo of Stanley Cortez

    Stanley Cortez Cinematography

  32. Photo of Elmer Bernstein

    Elmer Bernstein Music

  33. Photo of Alfred Sweeney

    Alfred Sweeney Production Design

  34. Photo of David L. Wolper

    David L. Wolper Producer

  35. Photo of Theodore Strauss

    Theodore Strauss Producer

  36. Photo of Julian Ludwig

    Julian Ludwig Producer

  37. Photo of William T. Cartwright

    William T. Cartwright Editing

  38. Photo of Harry V. Knapp

    Harry V. Knapp Editing

  39. Photo of Marshall Neilan Jr.

    Marshall Neilan Jr. Editing