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5,058 Ratings

The City of Lost Children

La cité des enfants perdus

Spain, France, 1995
Fantasy, Adventure, Comedy


This fairy tale follows a boy wandering the streets of a foggy harbour city populated by freaks and carnies terrorized by Krank, a deranged scientist who kidnaps orphan children to steal their dream in an attempt to slow down the ageing process.

Our take

The pinnacle of Jeunet and Caro’s grunge fantasias of the 1990s, The City of Lost Children has all the dark whimsy of dreams and fairy tales gone awry—a far cry from the movies made by Jeunet once the duo separated. A touchstone of cinematic imagination before modern CGI smoothed out the wrinkles.

The City of Lost Children Directed by Marc Caro, Jean-Pierre Jeunet

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