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  1. Photo of Benjamin Turner

    Benjamin Turner Director

  2. Photo of Gabe Turner

    Gabe Turner Director

  3. Photo of David Gardener

    David Gardener Executive Producer

  4. Photo of Patrick Holland

    Patrick Holland Executive Producer

  5. Photo of Leo Pearlman

    Leo Pearlman Producer

  6. Photo of Jonathan Iles

    Jonathan Iles Cinematography

  7. Photo of Paul Scholes

    Paul Scholes Cast

  8. Photo of David Beckham

    David Beckham Cast

  9. Photo of Ryan Giggs

    Ryan Giggs Cast

  10. Photo of Nicky Butt

    Nicky Butt Cast

  11. Photo of Gary Neville

    Gary Neville Cast

  12. Photo of Phil Neville

    Phil Neville Cast

  13. Photo of Zin├ędine Zidane

    Zin├ędine Zidane Cast

  14. Photo of Danny Boyle

    Danny Boyle Cast

  15. Photo of Eric Harrison

    Eric Harrison Cast

  16. Photo of Eric Cantona

    Eric Cantona Cast

  17. Photo of Paul Monaghan

    Paul Monaghan Editing

  18. Photo of Pascal Bideau

    Pascal Bideau Music

  19. Photo of Libby Rodriguez

    Libby Rodriguez Sound