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  1. chanandre's rating of the film The Connection

    La French: the French Connection by the French. Séquence d'ouverture -> Jerome de Lykke Li <3// La fin: This Bitter Earth/On the Nature of Daylight mash-up de Dinah Washington & Max Richter.

  2. Nick Schwab's rating of the film The Connection

    Taking more from the modern crime film playbook than yesteryear (the slight polish of Michael Mann over the gritty realism of William Friedkin,) The Connection doesn't go for depth outside of the glitzy glamor of its too-stylistic style. While a modern auteur, like Mann, style is as beautiful as it's raw, Jimenez's style is striking, but feels quite manufactured. And the screenplay is also more veneer than substance.

  3. Adriana's rating of the film The Connection

    zampa and the judge could be twin brothers separated at birth, right?

  4. Jeremiah Johnson's rating of the film The Connection

    The filmamker used every option available in his director handbook:shaky cam, handheld,montage,big closeups on melodramatic scenes and music everywhere. 70s playlist jukebox selection.

  5.'s rating of the film The Connection

    Mit einer schlagkräftigen Geschichte weist dieser französische Thriller zurück in die frühen 70er, als noch Popeye Doyle in Marseille ermittelte. Der Richter Pierre Michel (Jean Dujardin) wird vom Jugend Dezernat in das für organisierte Kriminalität versetzt. Sein Gegenspieler: Gaëtan Tany Zampa (Gilles Lellouche)... mehr auf

  6. Dominic Simard-Jean's rating of the film The Connection

  7. film_lies101's rating of the film The Connection

    Shits on 'The French Connection'

  8. Sophie Wilson Wardman's rating of the film The Connection

    sleek with a great soundtrack but nothing special.

  9. Matt Rolls's rating of the film The Connection

    Formulaic, yes, but very well done.

  10. Wipeoutt31's rating of the film The Connection

    Too much shaky cam takes away from a decent film.

  11. nouvelle vague 1960's rating of the film The Connection

    This French/Belgium co-production is a very stylish and exciting crime thriller.Well acted by the two leads Jean Dujardin (Police Magistrate) and Gilles Lellouche ( Drug Gang Boss)It covers the same ground as "French Connection" and "French Connectin 11",but from the French point of view.Yes it is derivative of this kind of crime film (for instance the "Heat" type meeting).Yet its still an entertaining 2 hours watch.

  12. Filipe F. Coutinho's rating of the film The Connection

    Jimenez is too ambitious for his own good. The film lacks focus.

  13. hubertguillaud's rating of the film The Connection

    La French, cette ode à Marseille et aux années 70, est un film inabouti. Dans sa mise en scène très classique, avec parfois des délires clippesques, dans sa reconstitution historique qui fait de Zampa un héros scorsésien et de Michel un héros des films de De Palma, dans son scénario même... Reste qu'on fini par se plonger dans ce film finalement fantasmatique mais qui parvient à devenir presque haletant.

  14. Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film The Connection

    Un buon polar, estremamente debitore a Hollywood, con ellissi temporali che sembrano uscite da un film di Scorsese e un anti-eroe che, di nuovo, pare quello del De Niro di Casinò. La parte con Pierre Michel è più compassata, a volte troppo enfatica ma il tutto ha un ritmo davvero ottimo e azzeccato, con sequenze che lasciano il segno . Un buon lavoro!

  15. msmichel's rating of the film The Connection

    TIFF '14 Exceptional thriller from director Jimenez with a great star turn by Jean Dujardin. A story of 'The French Connection' from the Marseilles side that follows an appointed magistrate through years of trying to bust the drug trade only uncovering more and more layers of corruption. Gilles Lellouche gives Dujardin a run for the money performance wise with a great turn as Zampa. Great editing and camera work.