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  1. Photo of Claude Misonne

    Claude Misonne Director

  2. Photo of E. Bernstein

    E. Bernstein Cinematography

  3. Photo of A. Dunil

    A. Dunil Cinematography

  4. Photo of B. Michel

    B. Michel Cinematography

  5. Photo of A. Leduc

    A. Leduc Editing

  6. Photo of G. Bethune

    G. Bethune Music

  7. Photo of A. Ducat

    A. Ducat Music

  8. Photo of Hergé

    Hergé Screenplay

  9. Photo of João Michiels

    João Michiels Animation

  10. Photo of A. Charles

    A. Charles Cast

  11. Photo of R. Chrus

    R. Chrus Cast

  12. Photo of R. Darvère

    R. Darvère Cast

  13. Photo of E. David

    E. David Cast

  14. Photo of S. Denolly

    S. Denolly Cast

  15. Photo of S. Etienne

    S. Etienne Cast

  16. Photo of P. Maroy

    P. Maroy Cast

  17. Photo of R. Muray

    R. Muray Cast

  18. Photo of J. Prim

    J. Prim Cast

  19. Photo of R. Rency

    R. Rency Cast

  20. Photo of R. Revelard

    R. Revelard Cast

  21. Photo of O. Frison

    O. Frison Costume Design