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161 Ratings

The Dark Tower

Directed by Nikolaj Arcel
United States, 2017
Adventure, Fantasy, Sci-Fi


Gunslinger Roland Deschain roams an Old West-like landscape in search of the dark tower, in the hopes that reaching it will preserve his dying world.

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The Dark Tower Directed by Nikolaj Arcel

What are people saying?

  • msmichel's rating of the film The Dark Tower

    Well, its not the worse King adaptation to come along by a long shot...if that sounds like faint praise it is. Tom Taylor gives the only performance of note here with the two leads looking lost in their under-written parts. This was an adaptation that spent years in development hell and perhaps should have just faded away instead.

  • Ethan's rating of the film The Dark Tower

    Idris Elba gives a badass performance in this very solid action/adventure film and McCounaghey is fun as the cold blooded villain. I have to admit I don't know shit about the source material so I can't attest to how faithful it is and how good it is in that respect but what I can attest to is that it is entertaining and a fun time at the cinema that held my attention and kept me on the edge of my seat.

  • Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film The Dark Tower

    Interesting actors can keep your attention only to a point with a lackluster screenplay resembling a SciFi channel B-movie more than a thought out adaptation of King's highly regarded series. I like how they tried to integrate the shining ability and the fish out of water humor but it was not nearly enough to maintain a consistent tone throughout. You can swear the actor start to look lost as it goes on!

  • JoãoMoura's rating of the film The Dark Tower

    For the book fans its a 1.5 or less. For a regular person its a normal movie, not great, not that bad, just normal. “The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.” -- The only thing that takes me to the books.

  • Fabio Di Felice's rating of the film The Dark Tower

    Solo profonda tristezza per un'epopea durata sette libri e 22 anni ridotta a questo filmetto per ragazzi dove l'Uomo in Nero cammina per un'ora e mezza con le mani dietro la schiena. Un pasticcio che non piacerà a nessuno: nè a chi ha letto i libri, che inorridirà davanti alla pochezza del tutto, né a chi non li ha letti che nella supercazzola della sceneggiatura non capirà niente.

  • Mr.Rager's rating of the film The Dark Tower

    Watchin the trailer i thought that this will be somethin interesting and now that i actually saw the movie i easily say that largely the movie delivered some nice action moments,a malicious villain/vengeful hero and a good story overall but poor developed because of the running time.With at least 2h the depth of this movie would have been completly different. A sequel might never happen and thats frustrating . 7.5/10

  • pluviosity's rating of the film The Dark Tower

    the movie felt so tired, as tired as Matthew Mcconaughey's acting. What a waste of great ideas, what a waste of Idris Elba. Should've stayed with TV series format, I won't even mind if the CGI worse, as long as there's better writing in it.

  • Mathias Palmberg's rating of the film The Dark Tower

    Not the worst movie I've seen but surely one of the most inept. It looks and sounds fine but the script is just all wrong and makes no sense. It just goes from scene to scene and the actors wander aimlessly around trying to survive this mess. It feels like a bad sci-fi B-movie from the 90's. It's staggering that this is what they made considering the source material. And the end fight is really bad...