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  1. Photo of Arif Babayev

    Arif Babayev Director

  2. Photo of Mammad Avdiyev

    Mammad Avdiyev Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ramiz Fataliyev

    Ramiz Fataliyev Screenplay

  4. Photo of Anatoli Donets

    Anatoli Donets Screenplay

  5. Photo of Teyyub Axundov

    Teyyub Axundov Cinematography

  6. Photo of Kanan Mammadov

    Kanan Mammadov Cinematography

  7. Photo of Kamil Nacafzada

    Kamil Nacafzada Production Design

  8. Photo of Xayyam Mirzazada

    Xayyam Mirzazada Music

  9. Photo of Marat İsgandarov

    Marat İsgandarov Sound

  10. Photo of Malik Dadaşov

    Malik Dadaşov Cast

  11. Photo of Hasan Mammadov

    Hasan Mammadov Cast

  12. Photo of Ernst Romanov

    Ernst Romanov Cast

  13. Photo of Gennadi Korolkov

    Gennadi Korolkov Cast

  14. Photo of Juozas Budraitis

    Juozas Budraitis Cast

  15. Photo of Zemfira Sahilova

    Zemfira Sahilova Cast

  16. Photo of Hacımurad Yagizarov

    Hacımurad Yagizarov Cast

  17. Photo of Algimantas Masiulis

    Algimantas Masiulis Cast

  18. Photo of Rasim Balayev

    Rasim Balayev Cast

  19. Photo of Yuri Senkevich

    Yuri Senkevich Cast

  20. Photo of Tatyana Bondarenko

    Tatyana Bondarenko Cast